Sweetheart, are you an Alchemist who is constantly second-guessing herself, and is stuck in indecision, doubt or questioning?


If this is you, you have probably tried to think your way out.

This doesn't work too well, because the problem is not an intellectual one. 


You do actually know who you are, what is right for you, and what you came to do in this lifetime.

You just can’t always access it because you’ve been hiding parts of you.

There were plenty of times, especially as a small child, when who you really are felt scary. Wrong, unloveable, not enough… 

And so you fenced it in. Cut it off. Pushed it down.

Which is where a lot of these parts still sit today.


To access why you came here, to remember your purpose, and to finally have the confidence to actually LIVE your Calling, you have to free these disowned parts. 



As an Alchemist, your purpose is all about inspiring and facilitating transformation. 



Until you do, anything you do while building your business that has a decision attached to it, can feel incredibly difficult. 


You circle around your niche, your target market, your offer, even WHAT you actually want to do, sometimes for years.

This is both frustrating and bad for your self confidence. 



You feel that you HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT. 


What you do for a living has to fit with your soul calling. You KNOW that you came here to do important work. And not being able to access it is driving you bonkers. 


As long as you have disowned parts, who you think you are doesn’t align with who you really are. You can’t see yourself clearly. 

Your brilliance is lost to you. 


Often you then start to follow other people’s formulas. And while that might somewhat work, it’s never as powerful as owning your true work. 

You are a Wayshower, not a follower!



What you have to offer is both unique and transcendent. 


Becoming successful in business, serving people, sharing your gift, will become much more effortless once you have re-integrated. 


When you no longer endlessly second-guess yourself, it becomes just a matter of doing the work.


Which you can do! Because now you have the whole power of who you truly are available to you, and there is clear guidance available on what to do and in what order!




To begin your journey to proudly living your legacy, start with the 'Witch or Warrior' test.

It will help you see if you should first work on your Mindset, or if your Structures and Plan need more attention:




Done the test?

Then have a look here to take things further. 



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