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After many many years of soul searching, meditation, yoga, workshops, healthy food, journaling and lots and lots of books on every esoteric topic imaginable, one little thing still trips me up.



Of myself, and also of others.


Be Yourself


The only purpose you have in this life is to become yourself, fully.

And there is no competition for that! So no need to get jealous, to hold back, to try to get ahead, to compare.

You are the only one who can ever be you!

Isn’t that freeing? And wonderful? And so so cool!

You know how to do that.


Your Heart Frequency


Each one of us has our own unique tone, our special frequency rate at which we vibrate. 

This may sound like old news, but if you think about it deeper, it is actually quite magical.

Your own special song, in harmony with your soul….


But quite often we do not vibrate on our soul frequency. 




This question is the way to your soul. 


Ask and answer, and then keep examining your answers until you get that ‘aha’ moment, that warm feeling, that smile on your face.


For example:


Opening up to receiving


As a healer and as a mum, my focus for a long time has been primarily on giving. 


This happens automatically, and tends to go smoothly for quite a while. until, suddenly, out of the blue, i jump into demanding.


Writing this it makes perfect sense, as giving HAS to balance itself out.


Finding the real gift


While we are in this physical dimension, on the planet of opposites, there is always balance. 


This is often not obvious to us, because we become invested in a particular outcome.

And if that outcome doesn’t manifest, we fall. Meaning we go into resistance, we start doing, we fight or we get depressed…


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If you are ready to create your very best year yet, here is the course for you: 


Creating your best year yet!

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