Supporting creative women with a big vision

Calling on creative, gutsy moms in times of transition


For a while there, your life was going so smoothly

You loved the chaos and fulfillment that comes with being a mother. You didn't mind showering with an audience, reading the same story every night, and cutting food into small pieces.

You were clear about who you are and your role in life, and there wasn't much time for soul searching.


Now your kids are bigger. They don't need you that much anymore. You have more time, and you are not quite sure what to do with it. You start to feel restless. Unsettled. Ever so slightly dissatisfied.


Trouble is brewing in paradise. Except it isn't trouble, it's change...

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Transition periods resemble the myth of the phoenix.


This beautiful bird never dies. When it gets old, it bursts into flames, and is then reborn from the ashes.

Like the life cycle of the phoenix, we also go through different stages in life that have a beginning, an ending and a rebirth into something new.


Right now, you are in an ending phase.


You are moving from being constantly present for your kids into not being needed THAT much anymore.


This is your chance to stop, pause, and think about what you really want to do next.


Yes, you will always be there for your kids.


But are there some dreams you had to put on the back burner? And is it maybe time now to dust them off?

  • What would truly make you happy?
  • Which talents are waiting to be expressed?
  • What are you here to give to the world?
  • Who do you want to be?


Are you an artist? A writer? A healer? A wayshower and change maker and freedom seeker?

An inspiration for many people?

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Yes, it will require courage to answer this call.


But you have lived through some stuff. You are wiser than you used to be. Less egocentric. Possibly braver. You have so much to give!

Now is the time to create a powerful vision for the next stage of your life.


The time to find, and start living your new calling!


Transition periods are ideal to redefine your life, to decide what to keep and what to leave behind, and to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of who you used to be.


Right now, you are at the perfect place to create something really, really great!


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A life that fulfills you! Being happy. Contributing to the world and having fun with your family. Using all your gifts. Earning money doing important stuff. Something you love love LOVE!


Clarifying your dream and turning it into reality can be done

- and can be fun!


Especially when you have the right support.



Want to come on the adventure of a lifetime?


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