Supporting creative women with a big vision

Here you are.


On an emotional rollercoaster. Confused, hopeful, determined, worried, afraid, intensely alive... 


This is such a powerful time! 

All that seemed solid has been shaken loose. 

Which means that it is much easier to move the pieces around, and to let go of all that you have outgrown. 

There is so much beauty in feeling deeply, and in releasing all ‘maybe’, ‘kind of’ and ‘good enough’ from your life. 


Now is your chance to clearly see the core of who you are, and to rebuild your life from there, authentically and courageously. 



Which is easier to do when you have the support of somebody who isn’t disturbed because you are changing. Who can see who you truly are, and can help you get there without allowing you to fall back into old behaviours and beliefs. 



The combination of coaching and energy healing is the most powerful transformational tool I know. 


The coaching helps you to see how you are holding yourself back, and how you are playing small because of beliefs you have picked up along your path.

Once you clearly see your own mechanisms, changing them is So.Much.Easier! Especially if somebody is rooting for you and is holding you accountable. Plus, there are few things as healing as being truly listened to, without judgment.

While coaching alone is potent, when it is combined with energy healing, lasting change and true inner freedom are easier to reach. 


Why is that?


When we do things we judge as wrong or bad, we often disown these parts of us. (‘I will never behave like this again!’). 

We push them out and keep them separate. This takes a tremendous amount of energy.

Plus, you stop to feel whole and in alignment because parts of who you are are being kept away. You then often look to the outside for something (a person, food, shopping…) to fill the void you feel within.


Ultimately, to live a happy and fulfilled life, you have to re-integrate these parts and become yourself fully. 

I can see where in your field these ‘missing’ parts are sitting, and am quite good at helping you to re-integrate them.

Here is a more detailed explanation how energy healing works. 


This leads to you having a lot more energy, feeling at home in who you are, and being clear and radiant.



Here are my tailored-to-you packages to support you on your path to freedom, empowerment and happiness:


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Queen Rising.png

You + me, for 75 minutes

In the Jumpstart session, we will:

  • look at the patterns that are present in your life
  • find the main beliefs you are holding that limit you
  • work energetically to release the charge that build up around these 'cemented-in-place' beliefs
  • re-integrate a disowned part or two
  • map out what you can do to keep the changes in place until they become your new normal

The Jumpstart session costs 250 Euro

Copy of Copy of The-3.png

After going through the first Aid Kit, you will Have:

  • stopped to endlessly obsess about your ex
  • developed habits that keep you healthy, fit and beautiful
  • faced your pain head-on and watched it retreat
  • found a lot of clarity on who you truly are
  • re-integrated parts of yourself you had disowned

And you might even occasionally smile again


You Have tasted Freedom and you want more!

After going through the 'Queen Rising' program, 

  • you have taken full responsibility for your life
  • you will know exactly how you create your reality
  • you are clear on what your BIG life looks like
  • you have a plan on how to make it happen
  • you are ready to earn money with your calling
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