We are currently based in Germany after 18 years in Africa.

Well, I was there for 18 years. She was born in Namibia. We moved away when she was 12 and got bitten by the adventure bug...

At the moment, we share life in Berlin with a little dog with huge ears. 


Over the years, I have earned a living in many different ways. First as an artist (and as a waitress, to fund this particular passion...), then I became a writer and a photographer (great way to get paid to travel!), and for the last 15 years, what I love doing most is working as a coach and healing facilitator.

Talk about dream job!


It's the most wonderful thing to help women create beautiful lives on their own terms.

Lives filled with authenticity, freedom, beauty, contribution. Honest, raw, clear, strong, radiant.

And creative, of course!


To get there, you've gotta start accepting change as part of life. Embrace it!


We wear many hats, and there are many phases we will go through in life. While times of transition can be uncomfortable, they are also immensely rewarding.

And they are easier to traverse when you have support. Which you will find here.


Cause supporting women in transition makes me so happy!


Some other things I love (in no particular order):

  • Animals
  • books
  • chocolate
  • solitude
  • the desert
  • my daughter
  • the smell of the earth after the rain
  • yoga
  • creating
  • photography
  • silence
  • red wine
  • taking a bath
  • the time just after sunset
  • living next to water
  • very early mornings
  • doing the dishes
  • my family
  • the sea
  • inspiring people to be happy
  • beauty, beauty, beauty! In the ordinary, in daily life, in people....


What lights you up?


Find it, embrace it, and if you get stuck, give me a cyber shout-out so that I can help you get back into the flow!


Lots of love



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