WEEK 3 - Day 17

what do you stand on?

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Today, we are looking at what you stand on.

What are the underlying core beliefs that are so powerful that you just know: Once you truly believe these, everything else will fall into place!

These core foundational beliefs are things you have to implant deeply into your subconscious.
Just like the limiting beliefs that you found last week were implanted into you, through repetition and strong emotions. 

Deciding on clear core beliefs that are FOR YOU is one of the most powerful things you will ever do. 

Once you begin believing them at least a little bit, whatever happens in your life will be survivable and ‘figure-outable’. 

For example, one of my core beliefs is: 

‘Everything that happens is for me.’

Since I’ve been re-affirming this belief for a couple of years now, it comes up very quickly every time something occurs that looks ‘bad’ on the surface. 

I KNOW, even though I can’t see it just yet, that it will be ok. It has to be, since everything that happens is for me. 

I can’t remember the last time I truly panicked or got really frightened by some unpleasant news.

To give you an example: Just last month, I got called back into the clinic two days after having had a Mammography. The lady on the phone told me that they found something and that I have to come in for further tests. 

On hearing that, I had the strangest reaction. It felt like I am standing at the edge of a chasm filled with worry and fear, and part of me felt compelled to fall down. It was like it was expected of me to do so, like it was the ‘right’ thing to do. 

And at the same time I knew that whatever this was, it must be for me. Because this is how it works in my life. 

In the end, it turned out to just be some micro calcification that was harmless. 

I am truly grateful that this happened because it showed me just how deeply ingrained my belief really is. 

The great thing about these new core beliefs is that YOU are the one who decides what you want to believe! 

The choice is totally up to you, you can instil whichever beliefs serve you the best. 

So today’s action step is to decide for yourself what you want to build your life on. 

Which beliefs would truly serve you best?

Which ones make you exhale, relax and smile when you think of them?

Which ones give you a feeling of lightness and joy?

To get you started and to give you an idea what this might look like, here are some of my core beliefs:

I create my own reality.

Everything that happens is for me.

I don’t get sick.

I always find a beautiful place to live.

I always find a man/partner/relationship if I want one.

Money loves me.

I always make the right decision.

Some of these beliefs I consciously decided on, and others (like the place to live and the one about men) just developed from experience. Obviously, to have these experiences over and over again I had to have the belief first, but I wasn’t aware of it and didn’t consciously choose it. 

The one about not getting sick on the other hand was a conscious choice, and I remember the exact moment I decided this.

I was sitting in the harbour in Lüderitz (a small town in Namibia), waiting for a helicopter to pick me up and bring me to a De Beers diamond ship to do a story and take pictures. It was such an exciting thing to do, and yet I was sitting there feeling like kack. Snot nose, headache, aching muscles…. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed. 

This annoyed me so much that I decided right there and then that I would never get sick again.

This was over 20 years ago, and I haven’t had a cold since. 

So you can see how much power there is in clear, no-matter-what decisions. 

Other belief got developed more gently over time, like the one about everything always working out for me. I just kept on reaffirming it until it began to stick.

And still others (like ‘I create my own reality’) are things I just KNOW and have always known, even if I can’t logically explain them. 

There is also a last group (like some of the business ones), that got added fairly recently and that I don’t fully believe yet. But I will keep internalising them until I do. 

With all that said, now it’s your turn. 

Which core beliefs do you already hold that are beneficial and serve you?

Which new ones do you choose for yourself?

Like with almost everything, this is not a ‘do it once and be done with it’ kind of affair. Examine them regularly, and add new ones when you think of them. 

But most importantly:

REAFFIRM them every single day!


By adding them to your morning journaling. Just write them out a couple of times each morning. 

And by reminding yourself of them whenever something happens that at first feels scary, worrying or annoying.

That’s it for today, until tomorrow!

action steps:

  • Find out which core beliefs you already hold that serve you.

  • Decide on new ones you would like to bring in.

  • Reaffirm all core beliefs every single day, in writing!