WEEK 1 - Day 4

Your Vision Part 3


Today’s activity is Optional.

If it excites you to have a visual reminder of what you have written down, go for it!

Get some magazines, and find images that represent your vision. Then arrange them on a vision board, together with your writing.

Or go to Pinterest, collect some pictures there, and then turn it into a collage with befunky.

(Btw: befunky doesn't work well in my Safari browser, and much better in Google Chrome. So if you have any issues with the program try using a different browser.)

I have created a tutorial in case you don’t know how to do an electronic vision board.

(If you know how to use Pinterest and download pics from there to your computer, you can go straight to minute 4:35 to get the befunky part of the tutorial). To add your written vision, take a picture of it, and then add it to the collage like any of the other pics.