Being of service is truly wonderful.


But if you’ve worked your butt off and still don’t make decent money it doesn’t feel so good.


Maybe you have started to doubt your abilities, which isn’t ideal when you work in a service based business.

Or maybe you are beginning to feel desperate instead of enthusiastic about your business.

You might be exhausted and burned out.

And you might even think of chucking it all in and taking a job with a regular paycheck.


Building a successful business is a bit like putting together a puzzle.

You have to have an idea what the end result should look like, you have to have all the pieces, and you have to put them together in the right way.

And on top of that, you have to show up with the puzzle, every day, and believe that you can put it all together.



There are plenty of possible reasons why things don’t work as you would have hoped.

Often, the problem sits right at the base of things. If you don’t know the core of your business, it is very difficult to get it going and to inspire people to work with you.

Which is where the core clarity sessions come in.

Or maybe you have beliefs that stop you. Stuff like ‘spirituality and money don’t go together’, or ‘I’m not good enough’.

It might also be that you know that you are really good at what you do, but are really bad at promoting it.

If nobody knows about you, nobody will come.


I totally get it that it’s a lot more fun to do the actual work you love to do instead of juggling SEO, Facebook posts and auto-responders.

Once you have started to make good money you can outsource a lot of the things you don’t like.


But until then, they have to be done by somebody. And if you are a solo-preneur, they have to be done by you.


While building my own business, I found it quite difficult to know which of the many things I did were actually truly important, and in which order they would work best.

I figured it out through a lot of trial and error, and I can now show you the quickest way to put a solid foundation under your business.

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This is for you, if you:

  • have or want your own business as an Uplifter of any kind (holistic practitioner, speaker, life coach, creative...)
  • are ready to take responsibility for the way your life is unfolding
  • are willing to put in the work, both internally and on a practical level
  • finally want to earn a good income doing the work you love



Working one-on-one with me for 6 months, you will


  • Get crystal clear on how you want to live your life
  • Find the core of your business, your 'why' and your niche
  • Define your target market
  • Release the limiting belief patterns that stop you from living your best life and earning good money
  • Let go of guilt, self-doubt and perfectionism
  • Create your irresistible, authentic brand
  • Get clear on what you want to offer and what to charge
  • Build your list
  • Create or re-work your website so that it conveys exactly what you stand for
  • Attract clients through being clear and authentic
  • Set up passive income streams
  • Finally make money
  • Fulfill your calling and realize that you were always good enough


How does it work?

Here is a rough plan on what you can look forward to in our 6 months together. It will of course be adapted and customized to fit your needs.

Besides the one-on-one weekly coaching support, you will get workbooks, audios, videos, checklists and resources to make the implementation as easy and smooth as possible.



Month 1

Wealth consciousness – Let’s uncover and change your hidden beliefs around money through one-on-one work, a comprehensive workbook and plenty of other material. This one is a biggy. If you don’t believe that you deserve to make good money, it cannot come in. Which is why we go really in-depth here.

Your dream lifestyle - What are your desires? How do you really want to live? Having clarity on this one before throwing yourself into your business is so important, otherwise you might just create another job you don’t like for yourself.

Your strengths and skills - We will get really clear on what they are and how you can use them in your business.


Month 2

The inner core of your business - Your why, your niche, your perfect customer. You need to know that to be able to speak clearly and confidently about what you do, and to draw in the right clients. Let’s get you crystal clear through powerful one-on-one work plus additional materials.

Your consistent income business plan - After figuring out in month 1 what kind of lifestyle you want, we will now look at the best way for you to earn money consistently, so that you know exactly what to focus on.

Developing offers your people can’t help but say yes to!

How to price your offers and services.


Month 3

Developing your brand - In all likelihood, as a holistic practitioner and change agent you are your brand. So it’s got to be authentic. What do you stand for? And how can you translate that in a visually appealing way?

How to get great pictures from your photo shoot - If someone finds you online, they decide very quickly if they want to connect further with you. Having great pictures of yourself is a necessity. In month 3, we will go through all there is to know about having a great photo shoot and getting exactly the pics you need (my experience as a photographer comes in very handy here).

Create a compelling opt-in offer that intrigues your audience so that you can grow your list. The more addresses of potential ideal clients you have on your list, the easier it becomes to sell your offers.

The back end structures of putting together an online sales funnel. Even if you don’t have an online business, this will be so valuable to automate finding clients.


Month 4

Market research made easy - Get feedback from your ideal clients to make sure you are on track.

How to use social media in a stress-free way.

How to communicate with your list - regular honest communication with the people on your list is very important. Your people want to get to know you and your work. In month 4, you will learn how to write solo-mailers and newsletters that your clients actually read and look forward to.

How to provide free value for your customers, tailored to what you love to do (blog posts? Videos? Podcasts? Speaking gigs? Organizing get-togethers? Writing a book? Webinars? Or something else?).

Plus, all the how-to you need to implement what is the best fit for you.


Month 5

Sales conversations - The non-sleazy way. In theory and practice (meaning you will go implement :-) ).

Getting testimonials, and how to best use them.

Building your website. Even if you work ‘offline’ with clients, having a website that is clear and that you are proud of is important.

How to write great copy that speaks directly to your people.

How to get publicity - Get the word out about you and your business.


Month 6

Reflection and fine-tuning - Where are you now? What works well and what doesn’t? Where do you have to course-correct if necessary?

Improving your skills - It is important that you are confident in your work. In month 6, we will look at areas you feel you need to improve, so that you can do something about it.

How to host webinars, teleseminars and workshops - All of these are great list builders and can be really fun to do. We decide which one would be the best fit for you and your business, and then I will show you step-by-step how to make it happen in a stress-free way.

Further ways to advance your business - JV partners, affiliates, hiring support.

How to create passive income for your business.

Where to from here? A step-by-step plan for the next 6 months.


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6 months - really?

I do know that 6 months might sound like a very long time to you. But this is what it takes if you really want to put your business on a solid foundation from which it can grow.

There is so much that goes into building a business, a lot of it having to do with developing yourself. Jumping over your shadow, releasing limitations, and growing more and more into yourself on a daily basis.


you can do this!


Get the support and the tools you need to thrive in your business!


The 6-months program includes:

Comprehensive Welcome Package

Orientation material

2 hour Skype Intensive to get started

23 weekly 60-minute coaching sessions

Plenty of additional materials (workbooks, checklists, audios, videos, resources…)



As I can only take a limited number of private clients, I want to make sure that I can truly help you before we commit.


If you are interested in working with me, please fill in the form below to apply.


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