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WEEK 4 - Day 24

33 ways to uplevel


Today, I am giving you 33 ideas on how to upgrade your current lifestyle.

Before we get to those, here is a bonus tip:

How about unleveling the way in which you do your new daily habits?

Get a beautiful notebook and a great pen to do your journalling

Find a perfect spot for your daily meditation. Maybe get a special pillow, or create a ‘meditation nook’.

Get beautiful clothes to exercise in.

From here, continue your upgrade using the ideas below or come up with your own.

You might not at all be interested in designer clothes or fancy hotels. But maybe you just love to use organic face cream. Or luxury for you is taking a long walk in nature. Start with whatever tip calls to you most.

There is no right or wrong way to upgrade your life style.

You know what is important to you.

Own it! Allow yourself to want what you want.

Anything you have in your life is there because of YOU.

It’s what you allow in.

It’s what you think you deserve.

It expresses your idea of ‘normal’.

Through gradually upleveling, what you consider normal will change. And with that, your life is going to change, seemingly without you doing much to make it happen!

33 ideas to uplevel your life:

  1. Clear out your stuff! The cleaner, clearer and less cluttered your envionment is, the better you’ll feel in it. Get to the point where you truly only are surrounded by quality items you love and use!

  2. Drink lots of water, every day! Get a gorgeous bottle to carry with you wherever you go.

  3. Buy designer wear in secondhand stores. This is a great way to get used to wearing something of (hopefully) higher quality. This tip works best if you live in a biggish city. If not, have a look online.

  4. Have your clothes tailored. Wearing something that fits you perfectly makes SUCH a difference, and elevates your look so much.

  5. Try a capsule wardrobe. This means having a couple of high quality pieces you love that all fit together, and mix and match only those (for example: 3 pairs of pants, 4 shirts or pullovers, one cardigan, one jacket, 2 pairs of shoes).

  6. Upgrade your underwear. I own some silk panties that make me feel like a million dollars even if I wear them with jeans.

  7. Hire a stylist if you’re unsure what style looks good on you; and to get some new ideas. It’s a one-time expense that can open your eyes to a whole different world of dressing.

  8. Upgrade your shower head to something you might find in a 5 star hotel.

  9. Get a water filter.

  10. Get the fastest internet available in your area!

  11. Go on an excursion. In your city, or in nature. Take a couple of hours to explore something new.

  12. Buy the best cellphone available for your needs.

  13. Get a mattress topper. This will make you feel like you sleep on clouds, without having to replace your mattress.

  14. Get mood lightning. Dimmable bulbs, various small sources of light, high quality candles…

  15. Fresh flowers!

  16. Spring clean your place.

  17. And clean your windows.

  18. Then get it smelling lovely with high quality essential oil.

  19. If you drink wine, or eat chocolates or ice cream, buy the very best!

  20. Take one day a week to meal prep, so that you have healthy food available all week.

  21. Go to the farmers market. soak in the sights and sounds and smells, drink a coffee, buy some flowers or a perfect organic pear…

  22. Go to the opera. Dress up for the occasion.

  23. Visit luxury homes during open house. See what’s possible in terms of accommodation :).

  24. Test drive your dream car.

  25. Go into a designer boutique (Chanel, Gucci etc). And try something on!

  26. Take a weekend trip to a cool city. If you’re on a budget, an out-of-season stay at the Hilton in Prague is a total bargain and a wonderful experience!

  27. Or just sit in a fancy hotel lobby and have tea. I had high tea at the Ritz once, it was amazing and only cost 30 Euro.

  28. Go to an art opening.

  29. Calculate the cost per use of luxurious items. Jeans? Go for the best fitting one, no matter the cost! Same with shoes you wear daily.

  30. In a restaurant, order exactly what you want without looking at the price.

  31. Have a spa day.

  32. Begin dressing like the woman you know you are! Also, carry yourself like her. Head held high, shoulders back, chest out.

  33. Get the best possible tools to do your creative work. If you paint, get really good paint and canvas. If you write, get a great computer or a beautiful pen and notebook. Research your dream camera if you love taking pics.

action step:

  • Pick at least 5 things to upgrade this week. And then do it! It can be something from the suggestions above, or something else that is important to you. Check back to the list you wrote in the Intro part of this week to get further ideas.