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The First Aid Kit Online Workshop


Right now, it all sucks.


You feel terrible, and if one more person tells you that 'time heals all wounds', you are going to scream.

They do have a point, but that really doesn't help, seeing that you are Here. Now.

And here now hurts. 

I know, because I have been there. I cried, I railed, and I eventually clawed my way out of the hole. 

Just like you will. 


Let me help you make this journey easier.

In The First Aid Kit, we will take your power back, step by little step. There are things you can do (and things you better don't do....) that WILL help.


If you follow the course, you will begin to:

  • avoid stuff that hurts you
  • take responsibility for your wellbeing, and begin to truly love and appreciate yourself
  • develop healthy habits that will serve you for the rest of your life,
  • release everything that does no longer belong to you, that does not make you feel happy, light and beautiful (people, stuff, beliefs, energetic blockages…)


Which means that you will feel better! And when you feel better, you attract better circumstances into your life. Once that happens, you are on the upward spiral!

Here is what we will cover in the First Aid Kit:

Module 1

30 things to do (or don’t do :-) ) to feel better.

In Module 1, you get 30 simple-to-do, clear things you can do or stop doing to help you feel better, NOW.

Module 2

How to love yourself, why you sometimes don’t, and what to do about it.

Module 2 dives into self love, and how to best treat yourself well.

Module 3

Your New Normal - develop healthy routines that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Module 3 helps you with making YOU a priority. 

Module 4

Release attachments and let go of anything that doesn't support you.

In Module 4, you discover what truly belongs to you, and what you can let go.

Each module includes a video, an audio-recording, a sacred journal, and some homework to keep you on track.

The First Aid Kit

 Our workshop starts on April 19th

247 Euro

Yes please!


Questions? Ask them here.

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