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I know you feel terrible. It will get better, I promise. In the meantime, take it moment by moment. Breathe, recognise beauty wherever you can, and know that there is an upside to your pain.

You are very open right now. Things touch you. You are sensitive and caring and aware. This is a good thing! Everything is unsettled and up in the air, and that means that all the same-old same-old you were used to will be questioned.


A whole new you is being born!


Soon you will realise how much energy you now have. Energy that used to be consumed by thinking about the relationship, worrying about the relationship, trying to make the relationship work...

Now you can use it for yourself!


 Please reach out if you feel like it is all too much. Get support and treat yourself as well as possible.

The changes you are going through require courage and determination. Know that you have both, even if it doesn't feel like it right now!


Here are some videos and articles to help you along:


The 'No Contact' Rule

I am going to preach something now that I didn’t live. At least not at first.

If your relationship is over, and if you WANT to feel better than you do right now, do NOT contact your ex. 

No phone calls, no texts. No obsessively checking his Facebook page or stalking him on other social media channels. 


What to do when you are down

The first few weeks (and in some cases months) after a break-up can be like a roller coaster.

There are minutes, sometimes even hours, in which you feel fine, and then there are others when it all comes crashing down on you and it is difficult to breathe.

One thing that helps me so much during dark times is to walk. 


It's over, what now?

Right now, things are difficult for you. 

You are in pain, worried, overwhelmed. And you want it to all just go back to the way it was. 

Which would (maybe...) be great. But it is very unlikely that it will happen. 


How to handle disappointment

Sad things happen.

How can you handle these situations? How do you best deal with disappointment without ignoring it and without going into victim mode?
Find out in this video:



A year ago, my man and I split up, after 17 rocky and beautiful and challenging years.

In an attempt to not feel sorry for myself, read trashy novels and eat lots of chocolate (as I like to do), I went on a health trip.


Support in times of transition

There are phases in life when things change. Who you used to be, and what you used to do, isn't working anymore. Something is ending, and we often don't know yet what might come after.

This can make transition periods tough to negotiate. 

In this video, I am talking about how coaching and energy healing can help you to negotiate the changes you are going through:


Getting support

We all need some sort of support to get going, and to feel good about our life.
And yet, how often do you think about WHAT that is for you?

What makes you feel loved? Cherished? At peace? Energetic? Connected?


Want more? Have a look 'First Aid Kit Healing Package'


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