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Getting more structured

Some resources to help you get more structured without boxing yourself in and losing your creativity.


How to move forward


Sometimes getting to where you want to be can feel quite overwhelming. 


There are so many options, and so much to do. Because you haven't done it yet you don't know how it can be done. And that can keep you stuck in overthinking and inactivity.

Which can then lead to frustration and low self-esteem.


Just do it!


I am back from LA.

It was inspiring, beautiful, fun and very empowering! 

And the number one thing I learned is:


You have to put yourself in the game!

You have to start moving!




Two weeks ago, i started a year-long coaching certification program. It is split in two parts, one is the actual coaching know-how, and the other is business building, getting clear, healing your money story and creating a life and business that fit with who you want to be.

It is inspiring and exciting and challenging and a lot of work.

Up to now I could more or less wing my schedule. 



What does it mean to have balance?


Today, my cat thinks that having balance is stroking her all day long :-).

And she has a point.

These last six weeks felt like my life all of a sudden got turbo charged, and I didn't do that much cat stroking.

Instead I created, launched and sold a new workshop, and I learned so so much in the process.




Creative processes take strange, meandering pathways. An idea, a spark, a new light, gets ignited, and at first it feels so cool, and so full of energy, and so alive, and so ready.

And then I live with it for a while and it stops feeling right and starts to rub me up the wrong way. And I start changing it. Little things here, and little things there, and nothing makes it quite right.

Until I am ready to cull the whole thing. But I can’t, because it has by now too much of a life of its own, and it wouldn’t feel right to wipe it out.


How to get out of the funk


I woke up this morning, after weeks of being in the flow, feeling as if i had crash-landed. Everything dragged. The world had lost its color, and my sparkle was gone.

I felt very small. i wasn't being interested and connected and vast, and had instead turned into a sulking heap of self pity...


What do you do on mornings like this?

First, you could indulge a bit.


And if you want to dive deeper...



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