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The ‘SOUL WORK’ Series

Supporting you to let your Soul Work through!

For Artists, Healers, Alchemists, Writers, Witches and other Odd ones out


Not everybody is a Seeker.

Many people are contend to live in ‘reality’. The stay in the seen, the known, the seeming understood.

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And then there is you.

The one in need of creating the new.

The one who loves to teeter on the edge of the Unknown.

Soul Work is for the Seekers.

For the CREATORS of this world.

Yes, there is something that wants to be born through you.

It drives you, and if you resist, it drives you crazy.

Because what you came here to do wants out!

The message wants to be shared.

The work needs to be created.

The new longs to be born.

And you are the vessel it intends to come through. 

This is your purpose. It’s important work, and, above all, it’s work that can’t not be done. 

Which you know.

You can feel it pushing you, wanting to come out

You know you have been chosen, and yet so often you’re choosing to NOT do the work.

And then you get cranky. And irritated. And depressed. And impossible to live with!


How about deciding, right here and now, that you are done with this!

  • The not-showing-up

  • The empty promises you make to yourself

  • The constant struggle to earn enough money

  • The second-guessing, the self doubt, the not believing

  • The looking for answers on the outside

  • The wasting time with unimportant, unfulfilling activities, people, things

  • In short, the ignoring of your purpose, your truth, your message, your SOUL WORK!

If that sounds good, then the ‘SOUL WORK’ Series is for you!

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How does it work?

The ‘Soul Work Series’ is made up of 4 parts that build up on each other.


Part 1 - are you being called?

Is there something that wants to be born through you, that doesn’t let you lie? That has been with you from the day you were born?

What is your vision, your mission, your purpose? 

What pulls your heartstrings?

What is the work that wants out?

Let’s explore these questions and find some answers in Part 1.


part 2 - accepting the mission

To create anything in the seeming outside, you’ve got to embrace it first within.

To know that you’re meant for it!

That you deserve to earn good money sharing your gift.

To give yourself permission.

In Part 2, we begin the inner work that is needed so that you can allow yourself to have it all, on your terms.


part 3 - What does it take?

To create anything, you also got to do the WORK.


With dedication and commitment.

No matter what.

Unwavering faith

Part 3 is all about the How. It’s simple but it’s not easy. Get on track, stay on track, and develop certainty and trust in your calling.


part 4 - living the vision

Committing to your Soul Work has real life consequences.

You need to release what doesn’t fit with your calling.

Allow in what does.

And live the vision, NOW.

Part 4 shows you how.

We’ll go through the 4 parts together.

Each part will be delivered as a Facebook live session, enabling you to engage and ask questions live on the call. If you can’t make it live, there is a replay available in the members area.

Here you will also find additional material, and daily action steps.


Doing your soul work as an empath!


As a healer, an artist, a way shower, a sacred rebel who feels called to share her gift with the world, you are very very likely also an EMPATH.


What does this mean?

You can feel what others are feeling

You are sensitive

You are open and vulnerable, unless you close off on purpose

If you close off, you are half dead, not inspired or inspiring

But if you are open, other people’s agendas can easily draw you in.


What is yours can no longer find you.

Letting your Soul Work through then becomes difficult and exhausting.

Because of that, I am adding a BONUS to our course:

A powerful live online workshop in which we’ll go deep into what it means to be an Empath, how to embrace the advantages, and how to navigate the pitfalls, stay open, and stay true to who you are and what you came here to do.

This alone is worth the price of the course!

This bonus is yours if you sign up for the Soul Work Series by February 16th.

The course starts on February 21st.

Let’s do this!

You bring your soul work through.

The world becomes a brighter, more alive, more joyful place.

And you let yourself, finally, be FULFILLED!


The ‘SOUL WORK’ Series

Supporting YOU to let your Soul Work through!

Enrolment for ‘soul work’ is currently closed.



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