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Simplicity and Mastery - Developing the Mindset of a Queen



Reading the workshop title, you can probably guess that for me living simply has nothing to do with living frugally :-).


A simple life can be filled with luxurious goods and experiences, as long as those are a representation of who you are. If they light you up, they belong in your life. If they drag you down, they don't.

Your life becomes simple when you love everything in it. The people you share your life with, your work, your possessions, yourself...


A simple life is a life in alignment with who you are.


Living this way requires courage, especially because it means that you have to stop being bothered by what others think of you.


Developing the mindset of a queen can help you get there.


A queen

  • Is clear that her choices are her responsibility
  • Doesn’t whine or complain
  • Knows that being feminine has nothing to do with being weak
  • Isn't bothered by how others judge her
  • Allows herself to receive on all levels


These last two point are often where we get stuck. We haven’t been taught to receive. Instead we learn that we have to be understanding, helpful and compassionate. And while there is nothing wrong with any of those if they are heartfelt, we often use this behavior as a way to hide who we truly are.


Which is such a waste!


You cannot live a life of meaning without taking yourself seriously, without allowing yourself to be and express who you are, on all levels.


And this is what this course is all about!



Module 1 – Your castle

Do you love the things you own? So called inanimate objects emit a frequency. And if these frequencies don't fit with who you are, you won't find peace and joy in your home.

In our first module, you will:

  • turn your home into a place of beauty
  • give yourself permission to only own things you love
  • learn how to energetically clear your space
  • create your castle so that it is a perfect expression of who you are



Module 2 – Expressing your beauty

What does it mean to you to be feminine? Do you have the courage to be vulnerable? Are you open, radiant and joyful? And does the way you dress and carry yourself express that?

In module 2 you will:

  • get clear on your unique style
  • start dressing like a queen
  • allow yourself to express your beauty
  • get in touch with your sensuality



Module 3 – The mindset of a queen

Being a queen means enjoying luxury and abundance in the areas that are important to you.This can be only eating organic food, traveling first class, being able to go on a silent retreat without your business and family collapsing, or wearing Jimmy Choo's.

In module 3, you will:

  • allow luxury into your life in areas that are important to you
  • recognize the difference between being a slave girl and a queen
  • learn what it really means if you are jealous of somebody
  • take a stand for your desires


Module 4 – Wearing your crown

To have it all, you cannot do it all. This is something most women have to learn the hard way. Being stressed, rushed and overwhelmed are not queenly states to be in.

In module 4 you will:

  • get clear on where your strength lie and how to best use your time
  • figure out what you can and should delegate
  • allow yourself to get support
  • develop mastery in the things only you can do




Here is what's included in the workshop:

Four audios (approximately 1 hour each) you can download or listen to on our private Simplicity and Mastery site

4 audio transcripts

Checklists to make implementation easy.

Things to do (homework :-) ). Questions designed to help you recognize and shift limiting beliefs, plus clearly laid out action steps.


You will also get:

A video explaining exactly how to do a space clearing

A detox plan

An exercise plan


'developing the mindset of a Queen'

97 Euro

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