WEEK 1 - Day 5


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Hey sweets

Today, let’s have a look at why we sabotage ourselves.

You probably know what I’m talking about: You have been eating healthily and exercising for 3 weeks, and you’re starting to see the first results. And then you have a totally ‘blah’ day, and you decide that just this once you deserve some chips, and some chocolate, and to wash it all down with some wine.

The next day, you feel like a failure, like ‘It’s too late anyway now’ and you stop your new routine.

You know you want to change. You have been on your way! So WHY did you do that? And how can you stop doing it?

There are a lot of different things I could write about around this topic.

You might sabotage yourself because you run into an internal ‘upper limit’. Meaning you can allow it to get this good, but please no further.

It could be fear of succeeding.

Or fear of not having anything else to thrive for anymore once you have succeeded.

Fear of not being good enough, and that going all in will proof that to yourself.

Fear of alienating your nearest and dearest when you change.

Believing that you don’t truly deserve to be, do and have all you want.

Only looking at the short term and the uncomfortability (is that a word? It should be one!) of doing the work in the moment, and not staying connected to the big picture.

Only dreaming of the big picture, without acknowledging your daily wins that make it exciting to keep going in a down-to-earth way.

But, in my opinion, what it ultimately comes down to is that everything has rhythms.

Your emotions, your physical body, your clarity of thinking…

Some days you’re upbeat and fit and clear, and then, seemingly out of the blue, you wake up and it’s one of ‘those’ days. 

You’re sluggish, you’re unmotivated, you feel inexplicably sad, you’re tired…

This is just how it is!

Your bio rhythm goes up and down.

Your emotions go up and down.

Energy moves in waves.

Everything moves in waves.

This is totally normal. AND it doesnt mean that you can’t do the daily work because the wave is at it’s low point.

To spell this out: It doesn’t matter how you feel, you can do what needs to be done anyway.

I know that this is not a very popular thing to say. 

Yes, it is important to listen to yourself, to be loving and to practice self care.

But face it, if you want to create a different life, you have to CREATE a different life.

Yes, we are committed to taking aligned action.

But so often this is being born out of showing up daily for who you know you are.

The creative. The writer. The world changer. The healer. The alchemist.

There is no pro sports person on the planet who only trains when she feels like it.

There is no writer who has published more than one book who only writes when he feels like it.

There is no mom who only looks after her kids when it feels good.

Your art requires your commitment!

And if you’re not willing to give that, you might as well stop kidding yourself now, and go back to a ‘normal’ life.

But even if you’re totally committed, sabotaging yourself does happen.

So, what to do when you have gone against who you truly are?


Be loving!

Don’t kack on yourself. Don’t blame, guilt-trip, hate, shame.

Instead, be curious: ‘How come I made such an interesting choice?’ 

Detach from it. Don’t get hung up. Accept it, and then let it go and continue down the road you know you want to be on!

So basically do not go into DRAMA!

No, fucking up once doesn’t mean that you’re a fuck up.

It also doesn’t mean that you ‘can’t do it anyway’, ‘it’s all too hard’, and ‘I guess I’m not meant for it after all’. 

You know what you are meant for!


Do the work anyway, and by all means, do it badly on the days where nothing flows.

You can’t only practice or do your craft when you’re in the mood. That’s the stuff of amateurs. 

Get over yourself, and show up for what you know you’re here to do, every single day.

Give yourself a time-out if you truly need it. Enjoy the heck out of it!

And then enjoy getting back to doing YOUR work, to follow your Calling.

You’ll be so glad you did. 

action steps:

  • Get clear on the habits the person you want to become would have

  • Do them, every day!

  • If you don’t do them for one day, get back ‘onto the horse’ the next!

This brings us to the end of Week 1.

Use the weekend to catch up, integrate, and check in:

What was easy for you?

What was difficult?

How do you feel?

Did you do the action steps?

If not, why not?

Also, if not, do them over the next two days!