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RISE - 40 Days

to Freedom 


How to turn your breakup into

the biggest break-through of your life!


It all Collapsed

You are so sad

You feel small, unworthy.

You are afraid, there are financial obligations. And what about the kids? 

How will you survive on your own after having been a part of a team for so long?


You feel like there must be something wrong with you.


Like you have FAILED.

It is difficult to breathe.

When you wake up, there is this moment of contentment, and then it hits you again:

Your relationship is over. What you depended upon has left. What you defined yourself through is gone.

You don't know who you are anymore, and you don't know how to survive. 


This, the dark night of the soul, the crises, the collapse of all you have worked for, is your catalyst!


It is there for You!




But something in you knows i am right. The part that is a survivor, an amazon, a leader, a world changer.

The part that has been placated, pushed aside, ignored and buried under all the compromises you have made in your relationship.


Yes, this crises can be your catalyst, it can be the birth of the empowered, wise, compassionate, strong, confident change maker that is the New You.


I know that because i have done it when my relationship of 17 years ended, and I have helped many women through their own dark night of the soul.  





What is left after your life collapsed, is what truly belongs to you. 

Its what you can count on!


There is a tried and tested path to freedom, and to feeling good again.


My new online course, 'Rise', will guide you step-by-step through the process.


The Catalyst aka the crisis 

Part 1 of the course is about acknowledging and allowing what is. 

You will learn how to sit with your pain. How to be present and not run or hide. How to deal with the things that must be dealt with. How to stop blaming. And how to, slowly, begin to accept what has happened. 

The core aka What's left

In part 2, we start to work with and love what is left after everything collapsed: Your body.

You will learn how to treat yourself really well. How to change the way you eat. How to clear your energy system. How to start loving yourself again. Plus, you get a video of a yoga class (plus playlist of sad music!) that will guide you to physically move through the pain, and discover your own strength at the same time. 

The code aka how it all works

Now you are ready to take a closer look at how the world works.

Is it really true that you create your own reality? And that you can be, do, and have anything you want? And if yes, HOW do you do that?

Module 3 will walk you through it, both in theory and in practice. Plus, we will begin to develop the mindset of a Queen!

The Rebirth aka time to rise!

Slowly you are getting clearer. 

The fog is lifting, you realise that you are still there, and that you're actually not feeling too bad. Now it is time to become aware of your true desires, and of the gifts the dark night of the soul presented you with. 

Own and enjoy this new, empowered, wiser, more conscious version of yourself. You have earned it!

plus a cool Bonus!

A mini course on clearing, cleaning and letting go! 

Now that you are feeling better, it's time to physically release all that doesn't serve you anymore.

Learn how to best do that, and how to then clear your energetic space too, and invite in everything you desire. 

What's included in 'Rise'?


  • 40 days of different types of support
  • 4 modules
  • 36 daily emails to help you through the journey
  • 4 hour-long audios
  • 5 long videos and a bunch of shorter ones
  • 4 guidebooks
  • a private support group


  • A mini course on clearing, cleaning and letting go
  • A video teaching you 'How to do a Space Clearing'


Whom is it for?

'Rise' is for women whose relationship has ended, and who so want this to mean something positive (even if you REALLY can't see right now how that is possible).

Meaning you:

  • take responsibility for what happened
  • are open to spiritual principles
  • don't go (often :-) ) into victim mode 
  • are willing to actively use this crisis
  • want to believe that this is for you
  • are willing to do the work (even if you would prefer to get drunk or read trashy novels...)



How does it work?

Rise launches on March 7th! On sign-up, you will get access to module 1, plus the bonus. Every Tuesday after that, a new module goes live. Plus, you will receive a daily email to uplift, inspire and support you. All together, Rise takes 40 days to complete.


You have lifetime access to the course, so whenever you want to consciously bring something new into your life, you can go through the modules again to make it happen. 

IS THERE personal support?

Yes, we are having a private Facebook group in which you can share and get my feedback and support. We will also have regular fb live sessions when you can ask any questions you might have. 

What if i want more support

Then the RISE VIP version is for you! It comes with 4 one-on-one coaching and healing sessions with me, so that you are personally supported and held on an emotional, energetic and practical way. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. I would never want you to be unhappy with anything you bought from me! But because this stuff only works if you use it, we ask that you send in the completed workbook before being refunded.


This is a daily commitment because it will result in a different way of seeing the world! It takes many baby steps to do that, and to heal, and you have to be prepared to take those. On a practical level, you need at least 30 minutes a day for your journey to freedom.

Move towards freedom.

Feel empowered and clear about who you are.

Know what you want, and how to get it.

And finally feel joyful and excited again about your life!


Join 'Rise - 40 Days to Freedom'


Right now, Rise is in the Beta stage. Meaning I am working with the women who need it to make it the best offering possible. So if this is something that calls you, now is the time to get the course for next to nothing.

The 'catch' is that if you jump on board right now, you have to be willing to give me constructive feedback and really help to make this great! The plus is that you will have lifetime access to all the later versions, and that you can help create something tailor-made to your needs that truly rocks!


VIP version

includes all of the self-study version plus four 60 minute one-on-one coaching or healing sessions

Euro 497 (instead of Euro 997)

Self-study version

Includes the online workshop, the bonus and the support group

Euro 97 (instead of Euro 497)


Any questions? Contact me

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