Every new year is a new beginning.


A chance to do things differently, to release what doesn’t serve you, to decide and clearly visualise what you want, and to start fresh, filled with amazing energy. 

But we all know how quickly the hope and excitement of the new turns back into the familiar routines and the same-old same-old, and all the New Year's resolutions get shelved until next year. 


What if I told you that there is a better way to change your life?


A way that doesn't require tons of discipline and willpower, and instead relies on your natural connection with the part of you that knows what is truly best for you.

A way that engages the magic of the Universe and our power as conscious co-creators. 

Making use of ritual, creativity and your own personal spiritual dream team! 


Now is the most potent time to get aligned with your deepest dreams, and to invite them into your life and welcome them with open arms.


on January 1st 2017, we don’t just begin a new year. We start a brand new 9 year cycle!


How you begin this cycle will set the tone until 2025.

There is so much you can do to consciously create your most beautiful year yet!

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Hi, I'm Jutta

Consciously creating my reality is what I totally geek out on. And I have gotten very good at it over the years. 

Let me show you, step-by-step, how to create your best year yet, using magic and a plan!

You will have fun, get clear, and create a some art too :-).


Set yourself up for a potent, joy-filled new cycle!


4 Modules, to help you create your best year yet!


Module 1 - Release

You will learn a powerful technique to clear your energy field and let go of attachments. Attachments are the number one thing that slows the energy flow in our system down.
Slow energy flow = feeling drained, exhausted, afraid, worried, depressed, sick... 
It also means attracting people, events and things that have a similar slow vibration.

If you release attachments, the energy flow 'speeds up' and all the great things that come with a higher vibration will materialise in your life. 

This is like a 'Do it yourself' energy healing session, and you can use it whenever you feel down in any way.


Module 2 - support

Here you will find your spiritual dream team (army, board of directors, coven, gang, family...).

Once gathered, you have sage advice, encouragement, support and even a good talking-to available whenever you need it. 
I sit down with my own team at least once a week, and it has given me so much insight and perspective. It happens regularly that one of my team says something that produces a 'Wow, how could I have not thought of that!' reaction from me.
They can also give you a really clear perspective on the potential you might not be able to see in yourself, and can help with making clear decisions. 


Module 3 - envision

In Module 3, you will meet your future self in a powerful guided meditation.

And then you take the vision you received, dissect it, create a plan of action and concrete steps to take, schedule them in your calendar, and make it happen! 
Plus, you will get a really cool tool to engage the help of the Universe in making your vision a reality. This makes the whole process so much easier! And so much more fun :-).


Module 4 - express

In Module 4, we will bring your vision to life both emotionally and visually. This will help you so much to stay on track, and to take the steps that need to happen to turn your dream into something you can see, feel, hear, taste, touch and live!
Also, it's here that the artist in you gets to play! 

We will create a beautiful artwork that you can have printed and hang up, or use as your screen saver, and that reminds you daily of what is in store for you.

No computer or photo editing skills needed, I walk you step-by-step through how it's done. All with free software.



Rebirth - Create your best year yet!


147 Euro REbirth ONline course



What is included?

1 private healing session (via Skype), to support you with the release of attachments and blockages
'Rebirth' online course

How does this work?

The first module of the course is released on Friday, 9th of December. Every week after that, a new module gets released. In this way, you have time to work with the theme of the module and integrate any changes that happened before moving on to the next step. 


How long will I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access to the course, so whenever you want to consciously bring something new into your life, you can go through the modules again to make it happen. 


Is there a community?

Yes, we are having a private Facebook group to make new friends, get feedback and support, and share your conscious creation wins and be celebrated!


Will I have access to you?

I will be present in the Facebook group, and you can email us if there are any technical glitches. If you bought the VIP version of the course, you will get 4 one-on-one coaching or healing sessions with me to take your best-year-ever-creation to the next level!.


What if I realise this is not for me after all?

You have a 30-day money back guarantee. I would never want you to be unhappy with anything you bought from me! But because this stuff only works if you use it, we ask that you send in the completed workbook before being refunded.


How much time will it take to do the course?

You will need about 2 hours every week to do the soul searching, rituals, ceremonies and meditations needed to find total clarity. The artwork will also take about 2 - 3 hours to do. Of course you can spend much more time on it if you want to! 


147 Euro Rebirth ONLine course


297 Euro VIP Version

What is included?

1 private healing session (via Skype), to support you with the release of attachments and blockages
'Rebirth' online course

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