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Sweetheart, are you flatlining?


You used to believe in possibility. You had so many plans, so many wonderful things you wanted to do and contribute and become. You knew that you could make anything happen. 


So how come you are now on this hamster wheel of mundane routine?

Why don't trust yourself anymore? Why do you so often feel like a failure? 

Where has your passion gone? How come you don't even know anymore what you desire?


Like my friend Anita puts it:

I am so fed up with feeling stagnant - I have tried so many, many modalities and healing things, read more self-help books than I can count - journaled and trusted and thought I believed……and I am beyond befuddled I am still in this place that I call HELL.

If this is you, the first thing to do is to BACK OFF! 






If any of this would work wouldn't you be in a different place by now?

Hi, I am Jutta, and I can show you a way out of this holding pattern that has become your life. 


Why? Because I was stuck myself for many years. 

Seemingly trapped in a relationship that was going nowhere. Living in a foreign country, with not much money of my own and a small daughter to look after.

I knew I wanted to do important work, to change the world for the better, to become an inspiration to everyone I meet, and yet I felt so stuck and unable to act. Every morning I was determined that today would be the day I would get started, and every evening I escaped the realisation that I had again done nothing with wine and trashy novels. 

The longer that went on, the worse I felt. No self-confidence, angry and frustrated, undeserving, exhausted, and in a permanent holding pattern of my own making. 


I eventually clawed my way out of it this hole i had dug myself into.

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My life suits me so much better now. I am more clear in what i want, what works for me, and what i don’t stand for anymore.

Yes, I am still questioning. 

Which is ok. It comes with being creative, being a seeker. 

Clarity and self-knowledge are never ending pursuits. Like Shrek, I am an onion too. Peeling off a layer, thinking that NOW I’ve got it all figured out. Things go peachy for a while, I feel great, in my power and so certain, and then I reach the next layer and the questions start again.


But with every round, it gets easier. You ‘break through’ quicker. You are less scared and more seasoned. 

You are wiser. 

More humble

Less cocky, and more sure of who you are:

A woman stepping into her full power!

Come with me on the journey of the rising Queen and get reconnected to the beauty of being a woman!


Find your zest for life again. Feel eager to get up in the morning and excited for what's to come.

Experience what a gift it is to be alive! 

On the Queen's path to freedom, you will first make peace with your situation. Because this is the only way to access the beautiful gifts this state has for you. This will lead to accepting and embracing your emotions, and seeing first sparks of excitement and joie de vivre.


You will invite pleasure into your life on many different levels. And then you will connect to your incredible inner strength, and the unique power that comes with being born female.




'Queen Rising' leads you deep into your core, so that you can feel your own beauty, power and divinity. 

There will be no should's and musts and have to's in this course, but instead delicious and pleasurable exploration. You (and with that, your life!) will change because you have woken up to who you are, and are inspired and excited about being seen and revered. 

How does it work?


For 6 weeks, you will receive one module weekly containing videos, audios, master classes and alluring excursions, both into the outside world, and into the depth of your own inner riches. 

All designed to reconnect you to the joy and beauty of being YOU.


Plus, you become part of a group of sisters who have your back, cheer you on, virtually hold you, and take a stand for you discovering your greatness. 

Your Curriculum:


We begin by embracing where you are. There is a reason you're in the place you are in, and it's a good one (really, really :) ). When you make peace with your life story so far, and start to see the incredible perfection in it, it will be so much easier to honour and treasure yourself. 

Doing this is the foundation for a fulfilled life! You will never be happy and at peace if you are fighting who you are. 

Module 1 will help you let go of judgment, and instead find love and appreciation for the brave, unique woman you are. 


This Module is all about connecting with feminine power.

Through finding and (intellectually :) ) dissecting queenly role models you are going to re-connect to the incredible power present in the 'weaker sex'. It's time that we all stand proudly in being women!

What you thought is standing in your way can become the path to your solution, to the treasures hidden within. 

Let's embrace and honour our nature! 

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Pleasure, in whatever form, re-connects you to your power. 

Why? When you experience pleasure you begin to feel radiant. When you are radiant you become magnetic. When you are magnetic you have found your place amongst the conscious creators of reality. 

Pleasure leads you to reclaiming your life, your femininity and your creative power. And Module 3 leads you to pleasure!


When your well has been re-filled through regularly experiencing pleasure, the right kind of discipline becomes much easier. You have started to love yourself. Which means that you know and want what is best for you!

Delicious discipline is about saying 'yes' to yourself and the magnificent life you are now beginning to live.

The emptiness inside you has been filled, and so choosing your vision over short-term gratification becomes easy. In Module 4, you will learn the best practices to stay on track.


Be proud of who you are, and value your uniqueness.

There is nothing wrong with being different. Or even slightly strange. Instead, it can be fascinating, magnetic and enriching if you embrace it. When you learn to be yourself, out loud, you inspire everybody you come into contact with.

Module 5 will help you to take full ownership of the weird, wonderful, magnificent woman you are. 


Embodying your inner Queen means becoming clear on what you stand for, what to say 'yes' to and what to let go of.

In Module 6, we will put practical safeguards in place so you don't fall back into the role of a slave girl. Instead, you will clearly define and embrace your desires, your values and your bigger vision. A fulfilled, radiant woman is an incredibly powerful force.

By the end of this course, you will know what this power is in service of, and you will have fallen in love with who you are!


Sounds good?


Then join us!


The first module of 'Queen Rising' goes live on September 26th. 

And if you sign up by September 15th, you can take the journey for only 147 Euro!

After that, the price goes up to 297 Euro.


Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?

Queen Rising

Euro 147

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