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Queen Rising Online Workshop


Queen Rising takes you further towards a life of your own making

Now that you don't have to care for, worry about, and fight with your partner any longer, and are over the worst of your heartbreak, you have lots of energy available for YOU. 

Use it!

Keep building momentum through developing good habits and through looking well after yourself. 

And start to envision and get real about the life you REALLY want to live. 


It is such a great time now to permanently change your life!


'Queen Rising' will guide you through the steps: 

  • find clarity on your foundations, your non-negotiables: What do you stand for? What is your purpose? What are you meant to be and do?
  • develop the mindset of a queen. there are things that set a queen apart from a slave girl or a princess. ways of being, of behaving, of thinking, of seeing the world. Find out what those are and how to cultivate them.
  • envision and step into the woman you are here to become, the greatest expression of who you can be!
  • develop a big vision for your life, break it down into smaller goals, and create a plan to get you there. 


This workshop will help you to realise that while the end of your relationship felt like the end of the world, it was in fact the beginning of a new world of clarity, joy, strength and freedom.


And yes, your life is better because of it!


Module 1

What is left?

So much has changed in your life. Now it is time to look at what's left. Consciously pick and chose the beliefs, habits, ways of being and people you want to have in your new life. 

Module 2

The Mindset of a Queen

Being a queen is not for the faint of heart. Drama, whining, complaining all have to go out the window if you decide to become a queen. But the rewards are grace, power and clarity.

Module 3

The woman you are stepping into

It is up to you to decide who you want to be! In this module, we will get really clear on what draws and inspires you, and we will then make it your own.

Module 4

Your vision, realised

To get to a better life, you need to know what that looks like. And then you need to take inspired action. In module 4, we will create a clear path for you to follow.

Queen Rising is a self-study workshop with videos, audios, and sacred journals to help you find clarity. 

Queen Rising

Our workshop starts on April 19th

247 Euro

Yes please!


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