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Some time ago, I committed to live my life and run my business from alignment and soul guidance.

So when the idea for a new course came, I asked what it will be about, and at first only got the title: ‘Prepaving’.

I didn’t know the word, but loved what Google told me about it:

prepave in British. (priːˈpeɪv) verb (transitive) to plan a journey (esp spiritual) in advance.

I imagined some form of prep work for the new year, and made a banner while I waited to hear more.

Then last night, I woke up and ‘downloaded’ the curriculum…

Session 1: Coming to earth and your mission

Session 2: The remembrance

Session 3: Surviving and thriving on earth

Session 4: Embracing the dichotomy 

Session 5: Choosing your soul contract

Session 6: Activate

I was told that this is coming through now because of the opening of the 12/12 portal.

It will be 6 parts of content, dropping between now and the end of January. Meaning I can’t say for sure when the modules will be released, but that you’ll have it all by January 31st (actually, I was told by January 12th, but am giving myself some extra space…).

I think it will be audio downloads, mainly or exclusively.

I was also told that my only job is to be the lighthouse and the messenger, and that the people who have been waiting for this will be called to it.


So if this is you, sign up here:


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