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You are ready (or at least willing) to move on?


Great, let's get you started!

Yes, you are still quite vulnerable. It is so important to continue to look well after yourself. Eat the best, most nutritious food possible. Exercise. Sit with your emotions. Journal. Connect with friends. Do little things that make you feel joyful, cared for and feminine. Buy some new clothes or get a haircut! 


Treat yourself like a Queen!


When all these basics of selfcare are in place, it is time to start looking towards the future.

It is in your hands to make it bright, beautiful and happy. But for this to happen, there are some things you have to know:

  • You create your own reality
  • You do that through the thoughts you think
  • Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking
  • So you basically create what you believe, if you are aware of these beliefs or not
  • You can change the thoughts you think, which changes the beliefs you hold
  • Meaning, you have control over what comes into your experience!


Changing your beliefs is easiest if you focus as much as possible on what makes you feel good. 

Don't dwell on worries, don't stress, don't go over unpleasant things time and time again in your head. 

This might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, as if you are pretending everything is alright even so you know that it currently isn't. But if you always look at what is, you keep on re-creating the same thing. To create something new, you have to feel good NOW no matter the circumstances.


You can do that. It just takes some getting used to. 


Check out these videos and articles to get you started, and click here for one-on-one support. 




Coming into alignment and feeling good is the most powerful creative tool you have. The more you can stay aligned no matter the circumstances, the more miracles will occur.

This is something that always made sense to me, but that I only occasionally practiced.

Until some weeks ago when I had an extended period of alignment that set in motion all kind of wonderful manifestations. Since then I have been consciously aligning every day, and little miracles are popping up left, right and center.


The sacred in the ordinary


If you want to have a beautiful life, it is up to you to see the beauty that is all around you. 

As Wayne Dyer says: Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.
There is a lot of sacred in the ordinary. We just have to decide to want to see it, to want to be moved, and to open up to look for the good.

Once you become aware of it, there is so much that's magical, so many little wonders in our day-to-day lives.




Wow, what a whirlwind of a year this has been!

There have been so many changes. So much that I let go off.

My country of residence.  My friends.  My clients. My house. Most of my possessions. And a way of life that was comfortable, known and safe.

When my daughter first had the idea of going to school in Europe, I told the Universe that I am open for this, but that I am not prepared to struggle. If all runs smoothly I would take this as the confirmation that we are supposed to go.


Miracles of conscious creation


The more invested and attached you are to a specific outcome, the more difficult it is to be on a frequency that allows you to draw it into your life with ease and grace.


Because if you really want something and it hasn't happened yet, you might have started to develop doubt. Maybe you are tense. You might be secretly afraid that it won't come. You might worry.


Making what you want a non-negotiable


The quickest way to make things happen is to decide to do it 'no matter what'. The moment you make something a true non-negotiable it HAS to happen.

Find out more on how to do that in this video.



How conditions can help you create


On some level, I was always irritated by conditions that weren't to my liking. I do believe that I create my own reality, and if I didn't like what I saw, I thought I did something wrong.

These last couple of weeks I have been thinking on and off about what it means to be a creator.

What I realized is that I am either a creator or a reactor. The one is independent from conditions, and the other reacts to the outside circumstances and let's those determine how she/he feels.


Want to dive deeper? Have a look at the 'Birth of a Queen' Package

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