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Healing your money story is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life.


Yes, money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, but as long as we use money as an exchange, not having enough will hold you back.

How could you possibly live out your purpose if you always have to focus on making enough money?

To be able to express yourself in the world, to be able to live your biggest life, you need to have money.

For such a long time, I was stuck in the belief that it is spiritual to be poor and that doing the work is reward enough. And while this belief was strong, it certainly did not serve me.


Only when I became willing to examine and change my beliefs, my outer reality started to change.


Look around you, there is no lack in nature. It is abundant on all levels. We are part of nature.

And we are part of the Divine. Again, the Divine, God, All-That-Is, is completely abundant.

Why should it be different for us?


If you do not have money, you cannot express all that you are. And you are here to flourish, to grow, to bring new creations into the world and to expand all-that-is through your unique take on life.


Nobody is being helped by you being poor, by you not expressing fully what only you can express. 


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Would you like to change your attitude about money?


In Abundantly You, we do that through bringing the beliefs you hold around money up from your subconscious mind. Right now they are sitting in there and they run your life.

Once you can clearly see them, you can change them to beliefs that actually serve you.


And then miracles will start to happen for you!


Since I healed my money story, I have moved continents, traveled to Paris, Los Angeles, Miami and South Africa, turned my coaching practice into an international business, and created the Academy.

Maybe traveling and having a thriving business is not what you desire.


But wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to fulfill your own wishes, without always having to hold back because you do not have the money?



In ‘Abundantly You’’, we will look at and work on the story you are telling yourself around money.


  • What are the beliefs you are holding?

  • How can you shift them to an abundance mindset

  • How can you recognize and release scarcity consciousness in all areas of your life

  • How to value yourself and what you have to offer


Nobody is being helped by you being poor. The best way to help people is by you being able to fully express yourself in the way that only you can.


Let's not waste another day on poverty consciousness, low self-esteem, and holding back the beautiful truth of who you are!


'Abundantly You'

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