Let's create your business, with method and magic! 


Orientation - Bonus module

In Orientation, we will get started with the magical part. We take a look at the basic principles of creating your own reality, and then we will practice! We will also set a framework for you day so that you stay connected and in alignment with your Higher Self.

And I will show you the simple thing that helped me SO. MUCH in making this biz stuff work!


The answer to the elusive question: 'What am I meant to be doing?' is right in front of you. Your life tells you what you are all about, what is important to you, and what your unique perspective is.

In Module 1 we will translate your story, so that you never have to doubt again that you are on the right path. When you are done, you will know the WHY behind your business, and the WHAT you can help people transform, because you have done it for yourself! Finally, it will all make sense!


Now that you have clarity on the what, lets look at the how. How do you turn what you have been prepared for all your life into something that helps others? And how do you explain what you do in simple words people actually get?

In Module 2 you will determine the path your clients take from problem to solution, and you will know with absolute clarity why you are the right person to guide them on the way. 


Who are the people who need and love what you have to offer, and who are totally aligned with you? And how do you find them? Your tribe has been waiting all their lives for you to finally get going!

In Module 3 you will get clear on whom you love to work with, and how you can clearly explain to them what you are doing, and why it will help them. 

MODULE 4 - Your System and your offers

In this module, we will pull together what you learned so far and create signature offers that sell themselves because they solve a problem your favourite client has. Also, we will look at the set-up of your business. What is your bigger vision? How do your offers build up on each other? You will create a logical sequence from your free opt-in to your low priced offer, to your higher priced offer and to your VIP offer, and you will be able to clearly say what each of your offers does.