Supporting creative women with a big vision

You know that something wants to be born through you.

An idea

A spiritual business

An artwork

A reality

It’s your gift, your purpose, your Calling.

It can be frustrating and difficult at times, but it’s also very, very beautiful.

It’s who you are!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it would also get you PAID?!

This is totally doable.

I can say that with confidence, since I have always earned my money through my Calling. First as an artist, a photographer and a writer, then as a healer and coach, and now as a teacher of conscious reality creation.

This has always gone pretty smoothly. I had an idea, I got excited, I created it, it sold.

Until 5 years ago when I moved back to my native Germany after having spent most of my life abroad. Suddenly, I had so many fears. Of not being understood by the people here. Of not being good enough. Of being ridiculed and shamed for my work. Of bringing danger to my loved-ones through openly being myself….

In hindsight, this was a great experience (of course :) ). It inspired/forced me to look into what’s going on. I discovered the theme I chose to work with in the last couple of lifetimes, and I began to heal the persecution wound.

With that I remembered knowledge around magic, and the feminine art of magnetising.

As a result, my income sky-rocketed. We’re 5 months into 2019, and it’s already my best ever year in business.

So, I know what it takes to be able to survive, and thrive, from doing what you’re called to do.

And I can teach you!

I have struggled for 5 years to bring in an income as a reiki practitioner, always taking odd jobs on the side to make ends meet. After working with Jutta, I now have a full practice and earn all my money doing what I love!
— Petra
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If you have a dream you also have what it takes to make it happen!

magic and a plan

Showing you how to turn your calling into cash is my zone of genius.

You are made for this!

Otherwise you could not feel the desire, the drive, the urge to bring something new into the world. 

Most people are happy working for someone else. Their meaning in life doesn’t come through what they create.

Growing up, this probably made you feel lonely and doubting your value and sanity.

are you ready to let that go?

You can’t forge a new path and bring in different things by following the herd. You’ve gotta go first!

This courage is to be rewarded, not hidden!

It’s high time that the seers, the empaths, the healers, the artists, the out-of-the-box thinkers - in short, the light workers - get paid for their contribution!

Let’s make this happen for you!

With Jutta’s help, I turned my passion into a thriving, still growing business from which I now support myself and my daughter.
Working with Jutta was the best investment I ever made!
— Riekie
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Magic & a Plan is a powerful, one-on-one, totally focused on you VIP experience.

Let’s get you clear on how to turn your thing into bling! - Aka, finally earn an income through doing your soul work


Here’s what we will do together:


First, we’ll uncover your life theme. Once you recognise your theme, everything about your life will suddenly make sense:

  • why you are the way you are

  • why you chose your family, country of birth etc

  • why you attract the people and experiences you do into your life

In short, knowing your theme will give you clarity, compassion and a powerful sense of who you are!


Next, you’ll learn the science behind conscious reality creation.

  • Logically understanding how and why it all works will make it so much easier to consciously create what you prefer

  • You’ll know what to do and why, and you’ll trust in your own power to create your life

  • Plus, you’ll learn the art of quantum jumping to make things happen NOW!

All of this will give you such confidence in your power as a creator!


Then we’ll take a look at what you’re carrying around that is no longer a fit. This can be beliefs, material possessions, things you do, people…

  • Letting go of what doesn’t belong will clear your core frequency and help you to powerfully magnetise what’s yours.

  • With that, the frequencies you send out, and consequently what you attract back to you, will perfectly match who you truly are

  • You’ll free up so much space and energy that you currently have invested in wrong-for-you things and people, and you will feel SO much clearer and so much more aligned


And now, you’re going to make some decisions!

  • You’ve cleared out your life, brain and environment, which means you are free to connect with what you truly want from a deep, real place

  • What you come up with in this stage will belong to you, which means it will be easy to bring in

  • There is SUCH relief in finally knowing what exactly to focus on and what to give your life for!


Once you have this clarity, we will take a look at what it practically, daily takes to live your Calling.

  • This will give a clear structure and framework to your day

  • It places you firmly in a position of power

  • You know what works, and why it works

  • Acting on this gives you confidence and self-belief

Plus, you now have a repeatable system to bring in anything you want!


Next, we’ll plan out the structure & the system you are going to use. Let’s engage your masculine to bring in an income being and doing YOU!

  • Now that you know what you want, I’ll use my considerable power of strategic thinking to help you develop a step-by-step plan to get you there. 

  • You’ll know exactly what to do, and why it’s important to do it

  • It will be so much easier to earn money with your calling when you have a clear plan, and know which system and structures to set up

I will check back in and keep you accountable in our follow-up call one week after the Intensive.


Now that you’ve put down the foundations, it’s time for some magic! You’ll connect to the power of feminine magnetism to super charge the realising of what you want.

  • This gives you the balance you need to powerfully co-create

  • It’s such fun to do! And SO effective to effortlessly bring in what you want

  • It will make you feel fun, light, beautiful, in flow, attractive, radiant and happy

  • Everything you desire is strongly attracted to this kind of energy, and will flock to you

Go from:

Giving your power away

Staying in hiding


Second guessing yourself and what you’re here to do

Getting stuck in ‘who am i…’ thinking

Not making much money with your Soul Work

Not fully trusting in your gifts and your power

Being torn between being spiritual, empathic and humble, and the need to earn an income. 


Knowing WHY you attract what you do

Recognising and embracing your value

Healing the split between spirituality and wealth

Understanding how reality creation really works

Releasing what doesn’t fit you in all areas

Knowing which strategy to use and which structures to put in place

Having a system to bring in anything you want!

Having a step-by-step plan to follow to earn an income with your Calling

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What exactly are you getting in our Intensive?

  • 2 days of virtual (via Skype) or in person (if you are in Berlin) one-on-one coaching, healing and strategising to get you clear and set up to bring in income with your Calling

  • We’ll meet from 10 am to 5 pm on both days, with ‘work breaks’ to allow you to implement right away!

  • Extensive Welcome Intake form

  • Access to my course ‘Leap - The How-to of conscious Quantum Jumping’ on sign-up to set the foundation for our work together

  • Step-by-step strategy on what to do for the next 60 days

  • Recordings of it all, send to you after our time together

  • 30 min check-in call one week after our Intensive

Magic & a Plan


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After months of procrastinating, working with you gave me the clarity and confidence to finally sit down and write my book.
I can’t thank you enough!
— Stefan
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