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Hi, I am Jutta Dobler, transformational coach, healing facilitator and lover of life. What lights me up is to support women who don't feel seen to see themselves!  One way in which I am doing that is through the jd Academy.

The Academy was inspired by the Dalai Lama and what he said during the Vancouver Peace Summit:

'The world will be saved by the Western woman.'

Since I heard that it has stuck with me. 

There is so much worth saving on our beautiful planet! And it is so important that we women pull our weight even more, that we find what truly lights us up, and start living it.

I have met so many fabulous women who know deep down that they are here for a bigger purpose, who want to make a difference, and who don't know how to go about it.

They are unsure, they have low self-worth, they don't want to rock the family/marriage/career boat, and they can't understand why they feel so frustrated despite having a 'good life'.

Are you feeling frustrated?

In a way, this is good. It is a sign that you are here for so much more!

More impact, more freedom, more fulfillment, more joy.

To move from frustration to fulfillment, you have to have total clarity on what it is you desire, and what is holding you back.

In the jd Academy, I offer you all the tools you need to:

  • get really clear on why you are here, and which type of life would make you happiest
  • release old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back
  • heal your money story, and draw in abundance on all levels
  • create a thriving business you love

Connect to your desires, your purpose, your mission, and then take practical steps to become all you came here to be. Find out whom you are here to serve, build an authentic brand and a successful business. Or just become happier and clearer about who you are and where your place is in the world.

We need you to shine your light!

If you are happy, your children, your partner, your neighbors, your colleagues, and everybody you come into contact with will feel better too.

Girlfriend, you have a responsibility to be happy!



Here are the courses available to you if you join the Academy:


Live Your Destiny


Live Your Destiny will help you to get all the basics in place.

Learn to love yourself

Get clear on your desires, your mission, your purpose

Meet the woman you are here to become

Decide what you want to offer, and how you can make it happen

Read more about Live Your Destiny here




Abundantly You


Abundantly You helps you to heal your money story

You need money to be able to live your best life!

Release the limiting beliefs you are holding around money, and allow abundance in on all levels.

Life becomes so much more pleasant without the constant struggle around money.

Read more about Abundantly You here




Fun and Feminine


Fun and Feminine is an audio series about all things fun and feminine :-)

Love, life, beauty, fashion, men, creating in the feminine, and how to be all around fabulous!

New episodes will be uploaded every two weeks.

Read more about Fun and Feminine here




Thrive in your business


Thrive In Your Business is a step-by-step guide to setting up your online business.

In this 6-months program, you will learn how to:

Get clear on your desires for your business

Find out who your target market is

Build your brand

Decide on your offering or package

Build your list

Create your website

Read more about Thrive In Your Business here




Private facebook group


In the facebook group, you can:

Connect with me and with your sisters from all over the world

Find encouragement and inspiration

Form mastermind groups

Support each other to be happy

Become part of a global network of fabulous women!



And it doesn't stop here. Since I love creating, new courses will be added regularly.


Some of what is coming:

1. Living in Beauty: A course about creating beauty on all levels. We will look at what it means to be beautiful, how to practice self-care, and how you can embrace your beauty, inside and out.

2. Connecting to your inner guidance: This course teaches you how to connect to your intuition, and how to use the guidance of your inner voice in all the decisions you make.

3. The Chakras: What are they, how to know which ones are dominant and which are weaker, and how to strengthen, balance, clear and activate them on a daily basis.

Plus whatever else I am going to create :-).


You can cancel your membership at any time, but I will not refund your first membership fee (valid for one year) as you have access to all the downloads immediately once you have joined.


All of this is extremely good value for money!


I have kept the price very low to make it really easy for you to take the first step towards your dream life and sign up!



We need you!

Step fully into the happy, fulfilled, empowered, fabulous woman you are.

And then let's save the world through spreading our light and love to everybody we meet.



Become part of a growing community of spiritual, heart-centered, life-loving women who know that being authentic is the basis for a happy life!


Join the jd Academy

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