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The Jumpstart Session


This time of change and upheaval is SO powerful! 


Wherever you are on your path (sad, angry, hopeful, determined), it will be quicker to create lasting change and fall in love with yourself again if you manage to transform beliefs that are limiting you into empowering ones.

This is a LOT easier to do if you know what these beliefs are.

Because you are living with yourself all the time, it is very difficult for you to clearly make out which filters and masks you are wearing. For you, the way you see the world is the way the world is. Which is of course true.

But your world would look totally different if you would think and feel differently about yourself.


In the coaching part of the session we will look at the patterns that are present in your life, and which beliefs you are likely holding that created these patterns. Once we have more clarity on this, we will work on an energetic level to help you let go of limiting beliefs. 


Here is an explanation of how energy healing works:



To sum that up, In the Jumpstart Session, we will:


  • look at the patterns that are present in your life
  • determine the main beliefs you are holding that limit you
  • work energetically to release the charge that built up around these 'cemented-in-place' beliefs
  • re-integrate a disowned part or two
  • map out what you can do to keep the changes in place until they become your new normal


The Jumpstart session is a 75 minute session held via Skype or Zoom. You can schedule and pay for your session below.

Once you have bought your session, you will receive a pre-session questionnaire. This will help you to get clearer on where the patterns you are holding are coming from, and it will allow me to get to know you better, so that we can jump right in during the session without having to first go over the basics. 


75 min Jumpstart Session 

250 Euro

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