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Do you truly love your life?


Or are you at a place of ‘nice enough’?

There is nothing wrong with having a nice enough life, and plenty of people are content with it. But if you are not one of them, you won’t find happiness and fulfillment by pretending that there is nothing missing from your life.

Knowing that you are meant for something different without doing anything about it is a sure path to frustration, depression or addiction (depending on your type).


If you have a calling it demands to be fulfilled.


Something wants to be born through you.

This can be a mission, like saving the rain forest or helping people heal. It can be a work of art.

It always is a way of life, a knowing that through being fully who you are you will inspire many others to a life of greater happiness and peace.


It requires that you move forward despite your fears, that you develop courage and integrity and clarity. That you first take full responsibility for how you react to all that you encounter, and then grow into a place of unconditionality, meaning you don’t react anymore, no matter the circumstances, but instead you decide how you want to feel and become a conscious creator.


All of this is not always easy to do. You will feel overwhelmed at times, and you might feel alone.

While most people with a big calling are highly self-motivated, walking the path becomes much easier when you have support.

People that get you. Practical guidance. Inspiration and frequent reminders of who you truly are.


This is what the jd Academy and the one-on-one coaching and healing sessions are for.


Have a look around. It Is lovely that you are here.


Whenever you place the authority over your life in something outside of yourself, you create an energy blockage. These blockages then sit in your system and slow down your energy flow, resulting in feeling unmotivated, fearful and unable to fully express who you are.

Energy healing lifts your frequency, brings up what you need to know, and helps you to get back into the flow.

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We all have our beliefs which filter the way we see our reality. What you see is not what is, but what you believe. Right now, there are so many opportunities all around you. Yet for you they might look like obstacles.

As a professional coach, I can show you a different perspective and help you move through what is currently holding you back, and into the reality of a life you love.

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The jd Academy is a place for fabulous women to find inspiration, support, self-development tools and business building strategies.

If you are looking to become more abundant, want to build a profitable business, or desire clarity on your mission and purpose in your life, here are the right courses for you.                    All you need to create your best life in one place!

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