Supporting creative women with a big vision


The short version

I can help you to fully connect with your big vision, and to bring it to life in an aligned and sustainable way


The long version


To be able to birth your vision and earn an income sharing your gifts, you have to trust yourself and believe in what you do.



This is often difficult for sensitive, heart-centered people. There is so much confusing information out there. So much noise. So many people who claim to have THE answer. Well meaning loved ones telling you to 'get a grip' or 'get a job'.

How do you take a lifelong story of being the odd one out, of feeling misunderstood and not seen, and turn it into self-confidence?

Not the kind of confidence that is stuck in ego, in being 'better than', but the kind that just KNOWS that who you are is perfect, and what you are sharing is important valuable, and something others will gladly pay for.  



After a lifetime of being self-employed in the arts and the healing arts, and after working with over 5000 people on embracing who they are and bringing out their vision, I know how to help you. 


The combination of coaching and energy healing is the most powerful transformational tool I know. 


The coaching helps you to see how you are holding yourself back, and how you are playing small because of beliefs you have picked up along your path.

Once you clearly see your own mechanisms, changing them is So.Much.Easier! Especially if somebody is rooting for you and is holding you accountable. Plus, there are few things as healing as being truly listened to, without judgment.

While coaching alone is potent, when it is combined with energy healing, lasting change and true inner freedom are easier to reach. 



How does energy healing work?


Do you want to:

  • Know without a shadow of a doubt that you are on the right path
  • Trust in yourself and your vision
  • Connect and listen to your own inner guidance
  • Find and honour how you work best
  • Figure out ways to earn an income with your passion without selling out
  • Get totally clear on the What, the How, the Who and the Why or your heart’s work

Here are some things we can work on together:


  • Get clear on the essential elements of your big vision, so that you can align with them
  • Learn how to get (and stay) in the flow.
  • Get to know your creative fire, what fuels it, what extinguishes it, what lets it flare out of control
  • Deal with your money blocks, and learn how to let abundance flow
  • Begin to feel worthy of success, and own your brilliance
  • Design your ideal work week
  • Learn to prioritise and put boundaries in place to safeguard your creativity and drive
  • Honour who you are and the way you work best
  • Trust your vision, and trust that you are meant to bring it out
  • Develop healthy habits that support your great work
  • Recognise and silence your inner critic
  • Begin to love who YOU are and to discover the perfection inherent in being you
  • Learn to connect with and trust your inner guidance
  • Take full responsibility for the way your life looks now, and learn what to do to change things around, quickly
  • Uncover the beliefs and old stories that are holding you back, and transform them


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