Supporting creative women with a big vision
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Into all things simple and beautiful.


Also, a gypsy at heart...


My daughter and I are currently based in Germany after 18 years in Africa. 

Well, I was there for 18 years. She was born in Namibia. We moved away when she was 12 and got bitten by the adventure bug...    At the moment, we share life in Berlin with a little dog with huge ears. 



Over the years, I have earned a living in many different ways. First as an artist, then as a writer and a photographer, and for the last 15 years, what I love doing most is supporting creatives and heart-centered people to build a business or create art that brings in an income and makes the world a brighter place. 

As a healer, coach and teacher, I have worked one-on-one with over 5000 people.

If you can feel your big vision brewing, it is SO important to align with that. You need to find ways to reliably connect with your intuition and your heart, to get into your creative flow without being hindered by self-doubt, and to clearly see where you want to go. And then you need a plan to get you there that fits your nature. 

When working together, we use strategic thinking, woo woo vibes, energy healing and a deep exploration into who you are.

While pursuing your Calling is THE best way to live (in my totally biased opinion ;-) ), it also comes with some challenges.



  • Because this is your heart’s work, you have SO MUCH invested in it. It’s all so personal. You are putting your heart and soul out there to be judged, and this can feel quite paralysing and very scary. 


  • You care more about being authentic and getting it right then actually earning money with what you do. Which might be sort of noble, but it’s not sustainable and you know it. You spend a LOT of time trying to figure out how to earn an income without selling out.


  • While there are days when you are in the flow and everything feels great, there are other when you are filled with self-doubt. ‘Who am I to do this?’ ‘I am not good enough’ ‘What if it will never work?’


  • You have to be very open and connected to bring your work through. This means that everything else gets to you too. The state of the world. People close to you worrying about you. Animals being mistreated. All this has you withdraw further into your cave. At the same time you KNOW that you should be out there 'networking' (most annoying word ever!).


I can help you to succeed despite (or because of :) ) being introvert, sensitive and doubtful. Go here to find out more.


Some things I love:

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