Are you truly happy and ecstatic to be alive?



So many of us live lives that are 'ok'. We don't starve, we sometimes like our job, and our relationships are not that bad.

And while 'good enough' is the status quo for many, is it really what you want from your one precious life in this body?

Is it what lights you up? Is it what you were born to be and to do?


If you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is so much more for you to experience, would you go for it fully?



There is a sure-fire way that will lead you to the fullest expression of who you are, and with that, to experiencing your highest joy.


You are born with your own signature frequency, a unique vibration that is 'totally you'.

When you are emitting this frequency, everything that is attracted to you matches you vibrationally. It is all a perfect fit, and your life becomes a beautiful, smooth, easy, miraculous flow.


So why do so few of us experience this?


Here is a very simplified version of what has been happening: From a very young age, you wanted to be loved. This is ingrained in your cells. As a baby, you know on some level that you will die if nobody loves you, looks after you, feeds you.

So you did adept and reacted in ways you thought would please others. And later, in your teenage years (once you realized that your parents won't let you starve)  you might have acted in ways you knew displeased others. Both of these behaviors were outward focused.

And most of us are still living this way.

Instead of getting clear on and doing what would be the most authentic expression of who we are, we do what we think will give us the reaction we want.


In doing this, you disturb your core frequency.


All these layers of believes, behaviors, thoughts and deeds distort your original sound more and more.

And you of course feel that.

You know that you don't have much enthusiasm for life. You might be bored or feel depressed. Or maybe you are angry. You have little energy, and you might have developed some physical symptoms.

What all this boils down to is that you are not fully being who you are, that you are not being authentic. Self abandonment is more painful than anything somebody else can 'do to you'.


A combination of coaching and working with your energy field is the quickest way to re-calibrate you!


As a coach, I ask you questions guiding you to discover the answers you hold within. I help you move through fears and I hold you accountable. And I see and hold firmly the courageous, beautiful, unique person that you are, even if you can't always see it yourself.

This is especially powerful if combined with healing work. Through connecting to Source during a healing, I become a conduit for transmitting your true original frequency. Once your cells feel that, they light up. And anything that doesn't belong to you will come into sharp focus. Some of the energetic blockages you have sitting in your field will resolve during the healing, and some will come up and be 'in your face', making it so much easier for you to heal and release them.


As a result of this powerful combo, you will feel cleaner, lighter, filled with energy, and much more in tune with your true self.


And this will allow you to get back into the flow, and to attract to you events and people that are in alignment with who you are.

You will stop struggling so much, and you will feel so much happier.


Then you can truly bring out the gifts only you can give, and experience the peace and fulfillment that comes with being you, fully.



How it works





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