WEEK 2 - Day 11

walk through the forest

forest walk-min.jpg

Hi Sweets, welcome to Day 11 of our conscious creation journey.

Today, we will do my absolute favourite guided visualisation.

It is so revealing! 

Listen to the audio while sitting or lying comfortably, remember what you encounter, and keep your journal close by.

Please DON’T READ ON AFTER THE AUDIO before doing the mediation, as you will spoil it for yourself if you do so. 

You’ll need about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, 10 min for the audio and another 10 for the analysis. 


Then let’s go on an interesting journey!


Now that you have taken the journey, let’s see what the things you encountered mean.

Write down what comes up for you, it’s a good thing to have to look back on.


Firstly, you created a forest.

The trees and the whole environment you created in your imagination are a symbol for how you view life.

What did the trees look like? Where they tall and lush? Or small? Or barren?

Can you see your beliefs about life reflected in the forest you imagined?

What time of day was it?

If it was the early morning, you are at the beginning of a journey. Something fresh has started.

If it was the afternoon or evening, you are a seasoned traveler on the path you are on.

If it was night, maybe you have lost your way? Got stuck? Or have done it for so long that it’s second nature now and you don’t need light to see.

What was the weather like?

This symbolises how you think life treats you.

Was it cold, windy or wet?

Or was the sun shining and the temperature was pleasant?

Or was it too hot for your liking?

See what you encountered and what that could mean for you.

Next, the way you moved through the forest stands in for the way you move through life.

Was it a winding path, with delightful things to discover at every turn?

Or was it a big road you could race on without paying attention to the things at the side of the road?

Did you have to fight your way through the forest?

Did you walk?

Did you fly?

Did you ride?

And what does that tell you about the way you are moving through your life?

Btw, whenever you realise that the way you see things isn’t the one you prefer, you can change that right here and now!


Then we came to the wall.

It stands for the obstacles you encounter in life.

Was the wall very tall, and made of tough material?

Or was it low and easy to jump over?

Could you create a door in it, or was it impossible to get around?

Again, use the images you created as a symbol for how you behave when a challenge occurs (and know that you can change your point of view at any time).

Next, we met the bear.

It shows you how you think and behave around relationships.

Did you avoid the bear?

Where you afraid?

Or was it a cuddly bear you snuggled up to?

Maybe you respectfully acknowledged it’s presence.

And maybe you run away.

Then you found the box.

This stands for the surprises you think life has for you.

Was it big or small?

Open or locked?

Filled with treasures or empty?

Again, what does that mean for how you view life.

Now you came across the key.

It stands for how you view wisdom.

Was it bright and shiny, or old and dull?

Did you take it with you, or did you leave it in the forest?

Maybe you took it back to open the box?


Next, the drinking vessel.

This symbolises how you view love.

Was it empty or full?

Filled with water or maybe something else?

Did you drink? And did it fill up again after you drank?

Was there enough to quench your thirst?

Then we came to the body of water.

This stands for your sensuality and sexuality.

Was it a deep lake or a fast flowing stream? Was it a puddle? Or was it a waterfall?

Did it contain life?

And what did you do?

Did you jump in, did you observe from the sidelines?

How did you feel about the body of water?

And finally, we come to the structure, the building.

It symbolises the death of your physical body, and how you see the afterlife.

Was it a beautiful house? Or a small, run down shack?

Did you go inside? And if you did, what did it look like on the inside?

Did it have a tower from which you could see far, or was it build into the earth?

How did you feel about it?

Think about all you encountered, and the kind of meaning it has for you.

Did you use some of the things to interact with others?

For example, did you fetch the drinking vessel when you came to the body of water?

Did you use the key to unlock the box, or the building?

Did you take everything with you, or did you leave it in the forest?

And how did you feel?

All of this is valuable feedback for you from this journey into your soul.

Until tomorrow!