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Coming into alignment and feeling good is the most powerful creative tool you have. The more you can stay aligned no matter the circumstances, the more miracles will occur.

This is something that always made sense to me, but that I only occasionally practiced.

Until some weeks ago when I had an extended period of alignment that set in motion all kind of wonderful manifestations.


How to get out of feeling stuck


Especially when there is a lot to be done, we might go into a 'just leave me alone with all of this' attitude, feeling tired, overwhelmed and unmotivated.

I have learned from experience that 'waiting it out' can turn into quite a drawn out unproductive phase.

There are some simple things you can do to get the energy to flow again, and to feel optimistic instead of defeated.


Getting back on track

Are you in a rut? Doing the same things every day? Talking with the same people, about the same stuff? 

There is nothing wrong with having a routine, as long as it serves you. But we often develop routines because they are the easiest things to do in the moment, not because they make us happy.

Withdrawing regularly from your day-to-day life to regroup, to find clarity, and to connect again with your values, your goals and the things that are truly important to you is so beneficial.


Your best week yet!


Waking up this morning, I had the very exciting thought that this week will be my best one yet. 

What was so wonderful about it is that I could really feel that it is completely up to me. My world is my oyster. Just as your world is your oyster. You are the creator!

Everything you want you want because you think it will make you feel a specific way. So what you want is connected to a feeling.

You can have the feeling NOW.


How to find out what you truly want


Do you know what is truly important to you in life? 

What do you stand for? What lights you up? What makes you happy?

If you are not clear on these things, it is so easy to get side-tracked by day-to-day life. And then you spend most of your time and energy on things that don't really matter, and your life passes you by.

In this video, you will find an easy exercise that can help you to get clear on what truly matters to you.


Some questions to ask to find clarity


This week brought a lot of fiddling.

Fiddling with the website. 

Fiddling with the workshop.

Re-working of parts of it.

Re-thinking of what it is that I stand for.

And what I want to offer.

Even fiddling with my yoga classes, questioning, re-evaluating.


And if you want to dive deeper...

To Epiphany

and Beyond!

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