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Feel better now!


Module 2



Get started with doing yoga today!

All you need is a yoga mat (or a sticky floor and a blanket) and comfy clothes. Don't worry about what it looks like, and don't worry about reaching some goal (getting fit, building muscles, developing flexibility etc.). All these things will happen, but this is not why we do yoga right now. 


The reason for your practice is to release all the tension, fear, pain and blockages that sit on an energetic level in your system. The poses, together with some deep breathing, will help you do just that. 


If you have done yoga before and don't need the instruction videos, move through whichever poses your body asks for, and listen to your favourite sad songs while doing so. Feel free to cry while you do this. The effects of this kind of practice are truly amazing. 

You allow all your sadness to be there, but you don't let it stop you from moving your body, breathing deeply (which keeps you from tensing up and shutting your pain away), and experiencing your own strength while being completely vulnerable. 

This is one of the fastest and healthiest ways I know of moving through trauma of any kind. 


If you are a beginner, use the videos below to get started. Aim to do at least 30 minutes a day. But also know that any yoga you do is better than none, so if you can only manage 5 minutes in the beginning, this is fine. 





Find a wonderful collection of yoga videos for beginners and advanced students here

Here is one of my favourite albums to help feel and release emotional pain while doing yoga.


And a fun chart to help you find out which type of yoga you prefer:


Take charge of the way you feel through moving your body!


Lots of love, I see you in the next module.

The video password for the next video will be in your inbox tomorrow.


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