WEEK 6 - Day 39

safeguard your dream


My loves, we have reached the second last day of our course!

You have done so much in these last 38 days. 

You planted the seed, and the first sprouts are coming up. 

Until your little plant is strong and well established, it needs to be protected. 

Your newly implanted habits are as fragile as a freshly sprouted seed which can be wiped out in seconds by harsh conditions. Too much sun, too much rain, a wrong step by a heavy boot, and boom, it’s gone. 

You have to protect your new way of being until it’s strong enough to withstand the interference life provides. 

You’ve got the best chance to stay the course if you control your environment, at least for now. 

In practical terms:

Put your phone on airplane mode during journaling, visualizing, scripting and meditation time.

Book these times out in your calendar. Be clear that they are vital to do if you want to consciously create a reality you love, and don’t allow anyting to interfere. No lunch with a girlfriend. No surprise visit from your family. No ‘could you quickly pick this up, write this down, buy this..’ requests from your nearest and dearest. 

And no bad mood, feeling down, or plain old not wanting to from your own good self.

Girlfriend, you’ve gotta protect creation time with your life! Because this is your life. 

It’s what your life will turn into. 

And it is fragile and vulnerable even though you feel totally bad ass doing it!

I had a recent experience of this myself:

Even though I have been doing the work consistently, daily, for a very long time, when I recently went to my parents to look after my sick dad, all my routines went out the window, and I created pretty much zero. 

Of course I went there to help my parents, and I did.

But before I left, I had decided that I would keep on creating, regardless. I planned to get up an hour earlier than everybody else to get my journaling and writing done, and that I would stay up an hour or two later at night to keep working. 

While this was a good plan, I didn’t make it happen.

My parents get up real early so I didn’t manage the morning part. And by the time evening came around I was tired and didn’t do anything either. 

I know, these were difficult and emotional circumstances, and yet I had been convinced that I would manage to keep doing what is important to me.

But I didn’t. 

By now I am back home, in my own space, and have started again with my routine. But it feels like pushing a bolder up a hill. Slow going, difficult, clunky….

The flow is gone, and first has to be re-established. 

Since I have been doing this work for a long time, I managed to get back into it by the second day.

But if you don’t have this much practice, anything that interferes with your routine for some days is really dangerous for your dream.

It’s so easy now to give up. To get back into your old routine of not believing. To let all the newly established habits slip again.

Basically, the chance that you’ll give up is quite high if you ‘took a break’, for whatever reasons.

Knowing this beforehand will hopefully help you to get over the ‘hump’ and back into flow without giving in to complacency.

I can pretty much guarantee that there will come a time when you run into a roadblock on the ‘change your life highway’.

Prepare for this now!

Make a pact with yourself that you will get back into it if you get interrupted for any reason.

Write down an emergency plan.

For example:

  1. Start this course over again, at least until you gain momentum.

  2. Go for a coffee in a really nice place, and while you sit there, write down your vision. Even if you currently can’t feel it. Keep going until it comes alive again for you.

  3. Read through the list of the 2 most important things to do in different areas to move the needle, and then do some of them!

  4. Do some exercise.

  5. Set your alarm for the next morning, and get straight back into your routine, NO MATTER IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT OR NOT!

You can do this!


  • Decide right now that you will get ‘back on the horse’ if your routine gets interrupted for whatever reason. Write ‘I will not give up!’ in huge letters. Hang it up!

  • Create your own ‘emergency plan’, and follow it when needed.