WEEK 1 - Day 3

Your Vision Part 2


Welcome back :)

We will kick today’s lesson of on a bit of a macabre note: I would like you to imagine that you have 6 months left to live.

What is the message you want to get out there?

What is it people HAVE to hear from you?

And, to speak with Oprah: ‘What do you know for sure?’

Write freely on what comes up for you.

Then weave what you came up with today into your writing from yesterday.

Clean up the sentences, find exactly the right words for what you want to say, make it as beautiful, exciting, and as alluring as you possibly can. 

Once you’re done, read through it:

Does it make you feel expansive and excited and a little bit scared?

Is it the best life you could possibly imagine?

Does it light you up?

Do you feel really, really good reading it?

Yes? Great! This means it is aligned with who you truly are!

As a last step for today, use your voice recorder on your phone (or any other type of recording device) and tape your vision!

Now you have something to listen to every night before you fall asleep!

That said, also remember that your vision is a living thing. It will evolve and change when you do.

And of course, whenever you reach a major milestone, there will immediately be something new you want to get to.

So allow that to happen, and allow your vision to keep representing the person you would like to become.