The Prince is gone...

Time for the

Queen to Rise!



There is a powerful, strong, independent woman waiting to be born!


Yes, Right now you are in pain 


Your relationship is over.

Something you thought would last has crumbled, and your world crumbled with it. 

Sweetheart, you will get through this! 

You will survive, and, eventually, you will thrive.


There are ways to speed up this process, to help you figure out where to go from here, and to help you see that you are a powerful creator who can create ANYTHING she wants!


This crises is an amazing chance to:

  • re-define your life
  • take off the masks
  • heal
  • re-integrate the parts you have disowned
  • begin to purposefully create your life
  • find your true calling
  • fall wildly in love with YOURSELF!


Ready to get started?

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Hi, I'm Jutta


My work is to inspire and guide women to be free. Of circumstances, of the opinions of others, and of their own drama, so that they can be and express who they are.

The crises you are in right now is such a gift. It strips away the pretence and it wakes you up. Your relationship ending can be the birth of a self-determined, fulfilled, courageous woman standing fully in her power, and brightly shining her light.

The Journey from Heartache to Freedom


Heal your emotions and create strong, healthy habits

In Pain

You are feeling so confused. You know it wasn't working, and yet you miss him. Was it your fault? Should you have tried harder? Why does it hurt so much?

Develop the mindset of a Queen, get clear and take action

Ready to move on

Yes, your relationship is over. But you are slowly ready to make the best of this, and to get crystal clear on who you have become, and where to go from here. 



Every once in a while, you meet somebody who inspires you continuously through fully and authentically being who they are.
Jutta Dobler is one such an amazing person, and a source of great inspiration and strength for my life. Besides that, she is a brilliant teacher, coach and healer. 
I am blessed to know her!
Thank you Jutta, for being who you are.

Imke Rust


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