Would you die for the things you do?

Would you die for the things you do

Yes, I know, this sounds rather melodramatic.

But it’s something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

You only have so much time in this body, in this lifetime. 

What you are doing with it?

You are using your life force, every day. 

Exchanging it for …What?

Something that is really important to you?

Something you totally believe in?

Or something you couldn’t care less about? That gives you a pay check but no satisfaction?

Yes, we all need money. 

And I’m not saying quit your job. (Although if you really hate it, then yes, definitely quit your job!). 

But you can still do what you do in a way that matters. 

A way that allows you to BE who you are, to DO YOU.

Not the robotic, hidden, can’t-be-assed, ‘let me just do my time’ version that’s sleepwalking through life. 

But the REAL you. The one who knows what matters, and who expresses that.

The one who lets her/himself be seen!

You can do any kind of job and bring what is important to you into it. Your authenticity, your compassion, your ability to listen, your leadership skills, your courage, your openness....

I’m of course going on about this because it’s something that I need to hear.

I am always so much more at peace behind something. Behind my camera. Behind my computer. Behind my role as a healer/coach. 

And it’s cool in most of these situations to not bare my soul, at least not in an ‘let me tell you all about me’ way. 

It’s not about me. 

I am there to be a channel, a catalyst, a translator. To let what wants to come through come through without getting in the way. 

This is real and raw and totally in alignment.

But I can see more and more that I don’t do the same in other areas. My writing is often geared towards what I think will ‘do the job’. My social media posts are boring and blah. 

My conversations are often guarded. I don’t openly share who I am unless the other person doesn’t allow me to stay on the surface.

And this has started to gnaw on me. 

One of the main things I stand for is the absolute importance to BE WHO YOU ARE! 

This is why you came to this planet! This is, in a way, the only thing you’ll ever have to do. 

This is the gift you have for the world, and the Universe, and All-That-Is.

And this is what I am so often hiding. 

Would I die for this persona I have invented? This polite, interested, friendly little thing?

I want to shake her awake! 

Who I am is about to burst the neatly sewn stitches of my suit of pretence….

The reason I am vomiting this onto the page is that I believe something in this speaks to you too.

Where are you in hiding?

Who are you, deep down? 

Whom are you protecting so cunningly, and is it really still necessary to do so?

I know that I am a leader and a teacher. And this (in my head) looks a lot more refined than this jumble. 

But birth is seldom refined. And I feel like I want to be born now. 

The witch wants out!

How about you? Whom are you hiding within? Who is ready to be birthed from you?

Are you willing to go there?

If yes, a great (and dangerous!) way is to journal. Write down: Who am i really?

And stop fucking censoring yourself!!!!

It will probably take some time to cut through all the layers, through all the masks, through all the personas you’ve put on and around yourself. 

Keep doing it and the forgotten parts within will get a glimpse of light. 

And then another one.

And then they will begin to stir. 

And then they will AWAKEN!

And who you truly are will burst forth in all it’s beauty, messiness and power!