What does it take?



Hi loves


I am currently SO driven to get better at what I do, to dig deep, to leave a legacy…

While this sounds great (at least to me :-) ), the practice can be quite uncomfortable. It means showing up, daily. It means not giving in to moods, to feeling uninspired, to being distracted and unfocused.

As creatives and entrepreneurs, we don’t have a boss. We have to constantly self-motivate. To chose work over all the other possibilities that seem so much nicer in the short term.

But they do leave a bad taste. 


Even if it feels good in the moment to go for the instant gratification, you begin to lose respect for yourself. Which you then try to mask with further distractions. And pretty soon, nothing much will get done anymore…


I can say that because I have been there at various points in my life. Because of that, I also know what has to happen to get yourself out of it again. 


An old-fashioned, uncomfortable word: Discipline!


Yes, you have to show up for yourself. Create a routine. Stick to your word. Include the things you know you ‘should’ be doing, and then actually do them. 

Exercise. Daily engaging with your creativity. Daily marketing and admin. Meditation. Healthy eating. And so on.


It’s painful in the beginning. But give it a week or so and it will begin to feel so good! 


Lots of love

Get it DoneJutta Dobler