The 'Alchemist's Adventure' Beta


What an intense summer this was! Extreme weather (30+ C every day in Berlin with no rain for weeks), 3 eclipses, 6 planets in retrograde...). Today is the first coolish day we had in about two months. 

For me (and for many other people I spoke to), the external heat went hand-in-hand with burning inner questions, soul searching, refining and letting go. It was a time of deep diving into the core. 


I am re-surfacing with a need to be more clear and more direct. To come out of hiding and talk about the things I know:


That you are who you are for a reason

That you are perfect

That everything you see around you is there because of you

That the frequency you vibrate at creates your reality

That this frequency gets determined for a big part by what you believe

That the instant you change a core belief EVERYTHING changes


In short: 

That you are a truly powerful creator! 

And that you can create your life ANY way you want!


Yes, we have all heard that before. 

And yet the theoretical knowledge doesn't necessarily translate into a better life. There are core beliefs we hold that color our perception of who we are, and that seem to prevent us from making real, lasting change. 


For as long as I can remember, I've been digging into the 'Why' and the 'How' of this.

Why do we so often know we hold ourselves back in a specific area, and yet we seem powerless to change it?

How do we really recognise and change core beliefs?

Is there a practical, step-by-step way to truly step into our power?

And, to speak with Abraham Hicks: How do we get the money out of the vortex, and into the bank?


After years of grappling with these questions, of study, of meditation and of connecting with my inner wisdom, I have found answers that work. 

And I am ready to share my process and to bring all my knowledge about reality creation together in a way that is understandable, practical and transformational.

That shows you, step-by-step, how you can become a CONSCIOUS creator of the reality you prefer. 


This subject is so close to my heart. 

Our planet needs us to awaken, and to step fully into our power! 

Which is why I want to make sure that I teach what I've learned in a way that is truly transformational, and that enables others to also release what has been holding them back, and create a life they are totally in love with. A life that honours other beings, and our beautiful earth.


Which is where you come in:

Would you like to be my guinea pig?

In practical terms, this means I run the content I create past you, and you give me feedback so that I can make it as clear and understandable as possible. You get to test all the materials, apply what you learn, and change your life! 

And I get direct feedback how my methods work for others. 

It also means that you’ll have free access to the finished product. I am currently planning to put the material out as a 40 day course. You can expect the first material to come your way in about 2 weeks. 


There is a financial commitment of 100 Euro to ensure an energy exchange and to make sure you to have some ‘skin in the game’, aka actually DO the work :). 


This offer is for the first 5 people who feel 'called'.



Here is the link to pay and secure your spot:


Further questions?

Contact me here and I get back to you asap.


Sending you lots of love




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