Taking care of yourself

taking care of yourself


When you are feeling down, especially after a break-up, looking after yourself is so important! 

It is also often the last thing on our minds. 


I know it is tempting to let yourself go, to eat so-called comfort food, stay in bed and lick your wounds. And there is nothing wrong with doing that initially. 

But at some stage you will have to begin to take care of yourself.


At the beginning this will be challenging. Every thought you think, every feeling you have, every action you take all create momentum. It’s like a car picking up speed. The faster you go, the more difficult it will be to do a quick u-turn.

But if you stay on the downward spiral a lot of things will begin to happen that you do not want (excess weight, poor health, depression…).


For me, the easiest way to get off the ‘highway to hell’ is to go cold turkey.


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