Speaking from Alignment

speaking from alignment

When you have an important conversation, write a blog post and/or do a video, are you allowing the message to come through? Or do you think about what to say?

I’ve always been the ‘just talk and see what comes out’ type. For quite a while, I felt guilty about that. As if I’m not doing ‘REAL’ work but am just playing around.

As if it’s got to hurt to be worthy…

If you are an artist, a messenger, a star seed, an empath or a heart-centered entrepreneur, allowing what wants to be said to come through without much of an intervention from your logical brain can be so powerful!

Of course, especially artists and writers do that all the time. But how about you would extend the concept and give yourself permission to really speak from the heart, without censoring?

More in the video:

How to become a vessel:

  1. Meditate. Yes, I know, you’ve heard that over and over again. But there is a reason for that. Meditation really does connect you to your higher self, to God, to soul…. And when you are connected, you have access to all that wisdom and knowledge.

  2. Free writing. Write by hand, write whatever comes up. You can start with a question, like ‘What wants to come through’, then let it flow. Don’t be surprised if that is difficult in the beginning. Like with nearly everything, you’ve got to practice a bit to get good at it. Also don’t be surprised if you have so many thoughts telling you why this is a bad idea. It’s great if they come up! Once you know you have them you can clear and/or change them!

  3. Switch the camera on (phone or computer are fine) and start talking. Don’t worry, you can delete the videos straight after if nothing good came out. Again, give it a couple of tries and you might surprise yourself! This of course also works with an audio recording.

Have fun playing with that!

Lots of love