How to re-align yourself



Every three months, I take a couple of hours to realign.

Am I still going in the right direction?

Am I on track?

How have I changed? 

What can I do differently?


When I started this practice it used to be a more left brained affair, and was mostly about answering ‘serious’ questions. 

Nowadays I do something much more fun :).

I’ll walk you through my process, feel free to adept it so it fits who you are and what you like to do (for example, a friend of mine doesn’t like to take baths, so she rubs herself with the epson salt mix before taking a shower).



that said, Here is my process, spread out over a weekend:


Before beginning the actual soul searching, I clean.

I know this might sound a bit odd, but for me it’s so much easier to find clarity when my place is clean and looks beautiful. I use the Saturday to get everything sorted and tidy, and to throw some stuff out that has accumulated since the last time),

Then I go to the farmers market and reward myself with a fresh orange juice and a cappuccino before buying fruit and veggies, beautiful flowers, and lavender essential oil or a new piece of Palo Alto (we do have the coolest markets in Berlin :) ).


Saturday evening, I take a bath with a mix of epson salt, sea salt, baking powder and some of the lavender oil.

To do that, use about one cup of each of the salts, plus 2 teaspoons of baking powder, plus some drops of your favourite essential oil. Epson salt is great to clear the aura, and sea salt and baking powder pull toxins out of your body. Just be careful not to make the water too hot, and only bath for about 20 minutes. 


On Sunday morning, I make a green smoothie and a coffee, and then I draw three cards.

It doesn’t matter which kind of cards you use. It can be a tarot deck or an oracle one. 

The first card stands for the phase that you are coming out of.

The second card tells you about what’s coming up now.

The third card is something useful for you to know when moving forward. 


Draw your cards, turn them around one by one, and first have a look at what they tell you.

What colours are dominant?

What’s the atmosphere? 

Which thoughts come up for you?

What do the cards remind you of?

What does it mean to you?


I find it quite helpful to first get my own intuitive reading before (or instead) of looking up explanations in books. 


Next, I do a short guided meditation.

If you want to, you can download a recording I made for you:


 After the meditation comes my favourite part: Going to the movies.

All of this is going to happen in your mind. Through the meditation, you’re now hopefully centred and calm, and it's relatively easy to allow the scene to develop. 

You are in a beautiful old fashioned movie theatre. Settle into the comfy red velvet chair,  see the curtain open, and then the show starts.

In the movie that will now play, you are the main character. This is the only fixed part. From there, just let the story unfold as it wants to. It might start before birth (or even in another galaxy). Or the opening scene might show a scene from your current life. 

As much as possible, just observe what develops without getting your logical mind involved. If you're not used to doing something like this it might feel odd in the beginning. Trust the process, trust whatever you see, stay open and curious and enjoy the whole thing. 


Once the movie is done, write down what happened, and what that means to you. 

What insights did you get?

Do you understand what was shown to you?

If there are things that make no sense, you can draw another card to clarify, or go back to your movie theatre and watch some more. 


The last part of the re-alignment process is more structural.

Now that you got all this intuitive information, it's time to turn parts of it into action steps. 

Take whatever came up for you, and make it tangible. For example, one of the things that I saw in my recent movie was that I was very authentic and real when talking about my life, and quite comfortable with being ‘just me’.

How can I turn this 'vision' into concrete things to do?

The first thing I decided on is to write a daily 'What's really going on' email to my mastermind partner. In this way, I get used to being open and honest in writing to somebody else. 

Next, I decided to make my Instagram caption more real and meaningful.

And thirdly, I am thinking of bringing the 'Our Life' section of the blog back and do once or twice a week a 'What's happening in our life' kind of post. 

All these steps will help implement what I saw in my movie.


Alright, now it's your turn to re-align! I would love to hear how it went!


Lots of love

Be YourselfJutta Dobler