Are you ready for your manifestations?

ready for your manifestations

Something Abraham Hicks said really got me thinking. They spoke about a woman who wanted a baby for years. She kept on coming to their workshops, talking about wanting a baby. And then one day she was back at a workshop, and she was 4 months pregnant. Apparently she was like a different person, happy and at peace. Despite there still being no baby for her to touch or look at.


If you have this level of certainty that you are pregnant with what you desire, that it is in the process of becoming, you will realize it!


Listening to this reminded me of when I was pregnant.

I prepared a lot of things in my physical life. I got a room ready for the baby, I got a basket for her to lie in, some clothes, and far too many baby paraphernalia I thought I needed :-). When she came, I was ready!


How ready are you for the things you say you want?

Is your physical life set up in a way that you can receive them?


I love these questions, because they lead us to tangible things we can do right now while being pregnant with what we want.


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I wish you a beautiful week!


Lots of love