Your heart frequency



Each one of us has our own unique tone, our special frequency rate at which we vibrate. 

This may sound like old news, but if you think about it deeper, it is actually quite magical.


Your own special song, in harmony with your soul….


But quite often we do not vibrate on our soul frequency. 

If you are not experiencing being in the flow in your life, if you do not draw to you the people, events and things that make your heart sing, you are out of sync with your unique tune.


One of the things that can produce a disharmony is fear. Fear makes us draw into ourselves, it makes us small.

We are born very physically vulnerable, it makes sense that we develop fears. As babies, we have to be loved, we have to have somebody that feeds us and looks after us, otherwise we will not survive in this incarnation.

And so we start to behave in ways that make other people love us. We start to put on masks, to pretend. We start to lose ourselves to gain approval…


And we taint our unique, crystal clear tone. 


This makes it a lot more difficult to draw to us what is just right for us. What we attract is normally still kind of a fit, 

But it often is not perfect.


So how do we get back into resonance with our soul frequency?


One way is to look for harmony wherever you go, in everything you encounter. 

Our ego loves to make distinctions between me and them. 

For your ego to feel safe, it has to know who it is. It does that by finding differences between you and others, by comparing, by resisting.

The seat of your ego is your third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. 


If you move from there up into your fourth chakra, your heart, you come from a different perspective.


From love, from understanding, from harmony.

Your heart is very powerful. its electric field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain waves, and the magnetic component of the heart’s field is around a 100 times stronger than that produced by the brain.


That power can bring you back into alignment in no time.


To connect to your heart, bring your attention to it. You can place your hand on your heart. breathe into it. Feel it becoming warm. Feel it vibrate, and then stay centered in your heart space.

Use its power, step fully into your heart energy and realize the beauty that is all around you.


When you do, you will again be able to see your own beauty. 


And all will be well in your world :-).