What makes you feel alive?



Once again, i am learning patience…


Learning that after every exhale there has to be another inhale, and that periods of being creatively in the flow are mostly followed by the ‘oh my god, there is nothing coming through me’ times.


And still i am finding it hard to accept.


Also because i have the suspicion that what i am doing is what is blocking the flow.


My days right now are filled with a lot of busy-ness, and what i am really about does not get expressed.

Time for some rearranging, both external and internal.


Time to look at what makes me feel alive and connected.




The forest


These are the things i cannot compromise if i want to feel vibrant and alive.


What makes your heart sing and your life worth living?


Give it the highest priority!


I am off to smell some sagebrush now...

Be YourselfJutta Dobler