On desire



What is it that you most desire?


This question is the way to your soul. 


Ask and answer, and then keep examining your answers until you get that ‘aha’ moment, that warm feeling, that smile on your face.


For example:


What I most desire is a million bucks.


Cause then I could stop working in my job

Why do you desire that?

Because I don’t like my job, it is boring and a drag.

How would you feel if you could quit your job?

Free, i would feel free!


In this case, what your soul truly desires is not a million bucks, but to feel free. And for most of us, this is a lot easier to achieve then getting a lot of money. 


Start looking, right here, right now, for ways to feel free.


Maybe listen to some music that lights you up. 

Or don’t do the dishes, and instead take a walk through the neighborhood. Or decide that you won’t go to that boring function, but rather do something you truly enjoy…


When you are feeling what your soul desires to feel, then you start vibrating on your soul frequency.


That will magnetize to you all that belongs to you. effortlessly…


What is it that you most desire?


It will lead you home.