Let love be your guide


it sparkles it shines and it draws you

your dreams are alive with its flow

all in your life is much brighter

you stepped on the stage with your show



you know you have great things to offer

you do know that now it will start

yet sometimes the old ways of being

frighten and tighten your heart



and instead of expanding your shrink

instead of being you think


you're sweating with stage fright

you squirm and you hide –

breathe and let go

breathe and let flow

relax open wide



remember you do know


you can’t hold on tight to the light



it shines when you're being it

shines when you flow

meandering through you

alighting your glow


feel it and be it, let love be your guide



expressing your beauty inside


and shooting your beam far and wide



PoemsJutta Dobler