How to get out of the funk


I woke up this morning, after weeks of being in the flow, feeling as if i had crash-landed.


Everything dragged. 

The world had lost its color, and my sparkle was gone.


I felt very small. i wasn't being interested and connected and vast, and had instead turned into a sulking heap of self pity...


What do you do on mornings like this?

First, you could indulge a bit.


Listen on repeat to a really sad song (this one is so over the top that it always makes me feel better :-) ).


And then you could maybe get up.

Brush you teeth, have a shower, and drink some water with lemon juice.

Around now might also be a good time to decide that you prefer being back in the flow...


Step back a bit from yourself.


Start noticing things with all your senses. come fully into the moment. smell the smells, feel the air touch your skin, really look at what is in front of you.


Even if you don't feel like it.

Especially if you don't feel like it :-)


Stroking an animal works wonderfully too.


Next, know that your moods are cyclical, they go up and they go down, like day and night, like the seasons, like the moon, waxing and waning. You are not special because of it, it doesn't mean something terrible is about to happen, or that your suffering is in any way unique.

All it means is that you are part of nature.


Ok, now it is time to do something to break through the navel gazing.

I was very lucky that i had two clients booked. Focusing on somebody else and connecting with source/god/all-that-is sorted me out in no time :-).


But even if you don't find your job that uplifting (maybe it is time to do something else? something aligned with your passion?), you can still go out and make somebody elses' day better.

Smile at stranger, let other drivers in at intersections, give somebody a compliment.


Express the light you thought you had lost.


And watch your world brighten!