Opposing forces


There is beauty

There is falling in love

There is music that takes me away

Being touched by something so deeply that i cannot help but surrender


These moments when everything suddenly makes sense, when i am so still that i offer a perfect reflection…



And then there is the seeming opposite:


All that i do not want

What he did

What she said

Battles of the ego, going into survival mode instead of feeling the love


The dark side of what i thought was the light.



With these unwanted states, instantaneously, comes resistance.


At first this feels good. Feels like i am re-affirming that i do not want this, that it is bad and yucky and so not worthy of me.

Yet after some time, sneakily, i cannot help but realize that what i am resisting is the way these things make me feel...


Which means what I am resisting is myself.


And yet, how can i? If i am made in the image of God, then all parts of me are holy.

And what i want and what i do not want must be part of the same coin, there for a reason…


There HAS to be another way to use these opposites.


Through somehow marrying them

Through rising to a new order of being…


Otherwise none of this would make any sense


There is no point to suffering without resurrection. In fact, the only point to suffering is realizing that there must be something that is not seen.


To look more closely

To trust more deeply in the wisdom of the universe, god, love, all-there-is


To let yourself be overwhelmed by what you do not want. And then - to realize that who you are cannot be taken over. 


By not opposing what seemingly opposes you, you will discover that all of it is you, and that there is no need to be afraid.


Everything that happens is intended to reveal you to yourself.


With that, the opposing forces are reconciled, and who you were is finally no longer in charge of who you are.


And then you can feel the love again.