Opening up to receiving



As a healer and as a mum, my focus for a long time has been primarily on giving. 


This happens automatically, and tends to go smoothly for quite a while. until, suddenly, out of the blue, i jump into demanding.


Writing this it makes perfect sense, as giving HAS to balance itself out.


Demanding from clients or child doesn’t really work, so it is often my partner who has to bear the brunt. Recently, a lot of questions around that pattern have come up. Maybe because I have been single for a while now and have to deal with it differently…


Yesterday i had an epiphany: 


in the long run, I cannot give what I am not able/willing/open to receive.


I never thought of that, but it came with the goose-bumps that announce a core truth. Our focus, especially as women, is so often on nurturing, on providing, on giving.

But this giving has to include ourselves, and it is here that it turns into receiving.


Once we do that, we are in the flow. Everything becomes so much easier.


Step into trusting and letting go and opening up and allowing.

Look after yourself.

Become soft and loving towards your beautiful body, towards your beautiful soul.


As if by magic, you then turn into a magnet, drawing to you what you desire instead of chasing after it. 


Which reminds me of a favorite quote:




Open up darling, and let life flow freely through you.


It doesn't always have to be so hard, the magic is hiding in plain view.


All we have to do is get out of our own way and let it in!